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     1== !MapGuide Maestro User Guides ==
     2This page contains instructions for [wiki:maestro MapGuide Maestro] usage.
     4== Installing !MapGuide Maestro ==
     6You can always download the latest version of Maestro from the [wiki:maestro/Downloads download page].
     7If you are a Windows user, you can just download the MSI package and double click it.
     8All the questions have qualified defaults, and you may safely press "next" on all of them.
     10If you dislike the MSI (or are on Linux), you can use the binaries.
     11The !MapGuide Maestro installation is merely a file copy operation,
     12so you may safely move the installation folder around.
     14You can also run the binaries from a USB key if you like.
     15Due to some security restrictions in .Net on Windows, you may not be able to run
     16!MapGuide Maestro from a network folder.
     18Yes, !MapGuide Maestro installation is THAT easy!
     19(If you are on linux, see the instructions for Mono installation on the download page).
     21Usually !MapGuide Maestro has development between releases, and you can download a preview
     22release at any time from the [wiki:maestro/Downloads download page].
     23If you do not want to mess with your regular !MapGuide Maestro installation, you can download the
     24binaries and run them from a seperate folder. Preview releases are generally safe
     25to use, but may not be worth the time it takes to upgrade, and may contain incomplete
     30Now that you have a fully functional copy of !MapGuide Maestro, it's time you read about
     31'''[wiki:maestro/UserGuides/MapGuideBasics MapGuide construction]'''.