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    1313To create a feature source, simply click on the "Add" button, and select "Dataconnection".
    1414You should new see the following dialog:[[BR]]
    15 [[Image(]]
    1717=== Choosing a provider ===
    2727When you have create a new Feature Source, your screen looks like this:[[BR]]
    28 [[Image(]]
    3030== Where to store the files ==
    3636 * Cannot be modified by another program
    3737 * Is seperated from the original data
    38  * Is contained in a backup (MGP package)
    40 Unmanage file advantages:
    41  * Can be modified or read by another program
    42  * There is only one copy, so the data is the same
    43  * Is not contained in a backup (MGP package), but can be backed up by traditional backup programs.
    45 As you may have noticed, these advantages are the exact oposites. Which one you prefer is entirely up to you.
    47 === Managed data ===
    48 If you prefer managed data, you can upload the files required using the "add" button. If your data consists of multiple
    49 files, you can either select the primary file and click the "star" button, or use the entire folder as a a repository.
    50 If you use the entire folder, the OGR provider will scan it to figure out what data you have placed there.
    51 ''Note'': Due to a bug in the FDO OGR provider, the "use entire folder" option does not work with FDO version 3.3.1 or older.
    53 === Unmanage data ===
    54 If you prefer unmanaged data, you can simply enter the path to the data. Again, you can specify either a folder or
    55 a file. If you specify a folder, it must not contain a trailing slash or backslash. The "..." button will allow you to
    56 pick the file or folder. To use this feature you must setup one or more Alias folders in the !MapGuide Site Administrator (avalible from the main menu, under "File", "Open Site Administrator..."). Please note that the path is to the file on the machine where !MapGuide is installed, ''NOT'' the machine where !MapGuide Maestro is installed.
    58 === Other OGR options ===
    59 OGR supports a very large set of datasources. Some of the datasources it supports are not file based. If you select the desired data type on the list !MapGuide Maestro will show a customized editor for that datasource.
    61 === The generic editor ===
    62 If OGR is updated, or the editor shown by !MapGuide Maestro does not do what you want, you can use the "Generic" editor. Simply click on the "Generic Editor" tab. The generic editor shows you the raw data that is being passed to the provider. In the generic editor, you can both view and modify the values as you please. For OGR the field "!DataSource" is actually an OGR connection string:[[BR]]
    63 [[Image(]]
    65 For other providers, you must seek information on what the values should be, if they are not obvious.
    67 In some rare cases, you may also want to modify files attached to a datasource. If you click the "Show All" button, you may see some previously hidden files. If you are really looking for adventure, you can click the "Edit as Xml..." button on the top to see and edit the underlying Xml. If you click OK, the display will reflect your changes to the Xml.
    69 == Extensions ==
    70 If you have data in multiple sources, you can [wiki:maestro/UserGuides/Extensions Join datasources with extensions].
    72 == Coordinate System Overrides ==
    73 If your data does not contain coordinate system information, see [wiki:maestro/UserGuides/CoordinateSystemOverrides Using Coordinate system overrides].
    75 ----
    76 If you have other types of data you can read one of the pages:
    77  * '''[wiki:maestro/UserGuides/RDBMSFeatureSource Using data from a database]'''
    78  * '''[wiki:maestro/UserGuides/RasterFeatureSource Using raster data]'''
    80 If you only have file based data, you can read about[[BR]]
    81 '''[wiki:maestro/UserGuides/VectorLayerEditor Styling and theming vector data]'''
     38 * Is contained in a backu