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     1= !MapGuide 3.1.2 Release Notes =
     3MapGuide Open Source 3.1.2 is now available. These release notes only cover what's changed from MapGuide Open Source 3.1.2
     5For what's new and changed in MapGuide Open Source 3.1.2, see the [ 3.1.2 release notes]
     6For what's new and changed in MapGuide Open Source 3.1, see the [ 3.1 release notes]
     10== Downloads ==
     14||[ 32-bit installer]||114,307,076||e3e180762174100a5f3ac50863a5429d||
     15||[ 64-bit installer]||121,703,111||e5b5bc84466b6b00cd84276276d0877f||
     16||[ 32-bit InstantSetup bundle]||94,128,088||0fefc6d33771d292c53f963c37d216c5||
     17||[ 64-bit InstantSetup bundle]||100,296,484||684de919c26681dffd6133270e542654||
     18||'''Ubuntu 14.04 (32-bit)'''||
     19||[ Install script]||28,220||a54788ea327b7d081942e92bb1e25f48||
     20||[ Uninstall script]||1,425||c8794eba45069355203bd14522298069||
     21||'''Ubuntu 14.04 (64-bit)'''||
     22||[ Install script]||28,222||a30f3d2574e04e1e371e60c10e171c4c||
     23||[ Uninstall script]||1,425||c8794eba45069355203bd14522298069||
     24||'''CentOS 6.x (32-bit)'''||
     25||[ Install script]||4,337||3dff7a65dc55c71739c042239cc196af||
     26||[ Uninstall script]||1,599||0922a87c1fdbbc4195cb5bccb54bbdb7||
     27||'''CentOS 6.x (64-bit)'''||
     28||[ Install script]||4,339||5895e3635528e45dbc0cbb057eec35bc||
     29||[ Uninstall script]||1,599||0922a87c1fdbbc4195cb5bccb54bbdb7||
     31== Patches ==
     33Various post-release patches for MapGuide, Fusion and FDO can be found here.
     35 * King Oracle FDO provider for Oracle 12c
     36   * These providers have been built against the Oracle 12c instant client SDK (the ones included with the install packages are built against 11g)
     37     * Make sure to replace your 11g version of `OCI.dll` and friends with 12c equivalents.
     38   * These providers are un-tested. Please [ report any defects]
     39   * Download
     40     * [ 64-bit provider]
     41     * [ 32-bit provider]
     43== Installer notes ==
     45You cannot use the windows installer to in-place upgrade an existing MapGuide Open Source 3.1.0 installation, you cannot have 3.1.0 and 3.1.2 installed side-by-side with the windows installer and you must uninstall 3.1.0 before installing 3.1.2. Use the InstantSetup bundle if side-by-side installs are required. Be sure to back up any data and applications before carrying out the new installation.
     47On linux, the install path is {{{/usr/local/mapguideopensource-3.1.2}}} and the FDO install path is {{{/usr/local/fdo-4.1.0}}}. You must uninstall 3.1.0 before installing 3.1.2. Be sure to back up any data and applications before carrying out the new installation.
     49Before upgrading, it is recommended that you take a backup of your existing repository (whether that is through creating MGP packages with the MapGuide Site Administrator or using the provided repository backup tools/scripts)
     51== Sample Data ==
     53This release includes a new version of the Sheboygan Sample data set demonstrating features introduced in this and recent versions of MapGuide
     55 * [ Sheboygan.mgp]
     56   * Size: 13,604,700 bytes
     57   * md5: 351b21e2c432b493fe2f073d7ab10205
     59== Extra Files ==
     61The install packages for this release of MapGuide omit several USA-specific CS-Map grid data files which are only required if your spatial data uses a coordinate system that involves an NSRS datum. See [ CS-Map RFC 7] for more information.
     63As a result, our installation packages are now up to 150 MB lighter as a result of this omission.
     65Should you require these grid data files, you can download them here:
     67 * []
     68   * Size: 147,411,504 bytes
     69   * md5: 9f90097d78f16b132a2319a885646b0d
     71To install these files, unzip them into the `Usa` directory of your CS-Map installation (eg. C:\Program Files\OSGeo\MapGuide\CS-Map\Dictionaries\Usa) and restart your MapGuide Server
     73== Fusion build tools ==
     75Fusion build tools is a zip file containing the build.xml and associated build tools required to "re-compile" fusionSF.js and fusionSF-compressed.js on a production fusion installation.
     77Use the Fusion build tools if you have made patches and/or modifications to your fusion installation, and you need to build a new fusionSF.js and/or fusionSF-compressed.js
     79In order to use the Fusion build tools, you need to have [ Apache Ant] installed.
     81 * []
     82   * Size: 7,186,925 bytes
     83   * md5: cf30d8589dd554fc9dc70cc9e3f7edc5
     85To use the Fusion build tools, extract the zip file contents into your fusion directory and navigate to this directory in the command prompt and execute the following command:
     88ant compress
     91This will re-build fusionSF.js and fusionSF-compressed.js under fusion\lib
     93Due to the default installation location (under Program Files), you may need to do this under a UAC-elevated command prompt or fix the directory permissions so that normal users can create/modify files.
     95== Windows Compatibility ==
     98||Windows 10||Yes+||Yes||
     99||Windows Vista||Maybe+||Maybe+||
     100||Windows 7||Yes||Yes||
     101||Windows Server 2008||Yes+||Yes+||
     102||Windows Server 2008 R2||N/A||Yes||
     103||Windows 8||Yes1||Yes1||
     104||Windows Server 2012||N/A||Yes1||
     105||Windows Server 2016||N/A||Yes||
     106||Windows 8.1||Maybe1||Maybe1||
     108+ Not tested, but similar enough to Windows 7 to theoretically work
     110* IIS configuration will probably not work. Apache config should work due to its self-contained nature
     1121 IIS/.Net successfully tested on Windows 8 64-bit and Windows Server 2012. Windows 8 32-bit is similar enough to theoretically work. Apache config untested
     114Windows RT (ie. Windows 8 on ARM devices) is not a supported platform for installing MapGuide Open Source
     116== Changes since 3.1.1 ==
     118 * #2790: Fix potential XSS hole in Java AJAX Viewer
     119 * #2789: Add webconfig.ini options for defining global feature query limits
     121 * Web Tier component updates [ MapGuide RFC 168]:
     122   * Apache HTTPD updated to 2.4.37
     123   * Tomcat updated to 7.0.92
     124   * PHP updated to 5.6.40
     126 * Fusion changes and fixes
     127    * New optional unified template entry point and  [ MapGuide RFC 167]
     128    * Fix non-functional XYZ tile source support
     129    * SelectionPanel support for custom date/time formatter [ ticket 663]
     130    * Fix Google Maps support due to recent Google Maps releases
     132=== FDO ===
     134 * New Functional SHP provider for 64-bit Linux
     135 * New Experimental King.Oracle provider for Linux
     136 * SHP Provider:
     137   * Fix occasional crash when processing a real/double property
     138 * OGR Provider enhancements/fixes
     139   * [ #953]: Support for customizing the name of the default schema (instead of {{{OGRSchema}}})
     140   * [ #455], [ #66]: New optional {{{DataSourceEncoding}}} connection property to better support UTF-8 data sources.
     141   * [ #952]: Cleaned up connect error message
     142   * [ #954], [ #955]: Various fixes on improving provider correctness in behaviour (eg. Throwing on bad/invalid property names)
     144=== Other ===
     146Please [wiki:SubmitTicket report any defects].
     148== FDO Notes ==
     150MGOS 3.1.2 is built against the FDO 4.1 branch
     152'''Due to unavailable build resources (the build maintainer does not have access to the ESRI SDK), this release does not include the ArcSDE FDO provider'''
     154== Known Issues ==
     156 * SQL Server Spatial: FDO Provider may render out incomplete schema XML for tables with dots (.) in their name
     157 * Ubuntu: Tomcat/Java is not optional will always be installed by the installation script whether you use it or not
     158 * Fusion: Geolocation widget will no longer work on Chrome 50+ on insecure origins ( Solution: Host the fusion application on a site over HTTPS.
     159 * Fusion: Google Street View may not load properly in Chrome (!topic/maps/7DiQ4FQj8ts). Workaround: Disable "Accelerated 2D canvas" in chrome flags settings.
     160 * Installing msttcorefonts for your specific distro is strongly recommended to avoid the case of "hieroglyphic" labels. You can specify the path of your msttcorefonts installation in serverconfig.ini to have MapGuide load these fonts in on startup.
     161 * Using the Linux builds of MapGuide on distributions they were not built for is not supported. If you want to run MapGuide on:
     162   * Versions of Ubuntu that is not 14.04
     163   * CentOS 7 or higher
     164   * A different Linux distribution
     166   Then consider running MapGuide in a [ docker container] that is based on Ubuntu 14.04 or CentOS 6.x. This installation method is not supported and is only mentioned here for informational purposes.
     167 * The 64-bit Linux builds of MapGuide are made available for testing/feedback. These builds should still be considered experimental.
     168   * The following FDO providers may or may not not be functional in 64-bit Linux builds of MapGuide
     169     * SHP (spatial indexing code not working properly in 64-bit, will cause incorrect spatial queries. Workaround: Use OGR provider)
     170     * MySQL (un-tested, please provide feedback)
     171     * PostgreSQL (un-tested, please provide feedback)
     172     * King.Oracle (un-tested, please provide feedback)
     173     * WFS (un-tested, please provide feedback)
     174     * WMS (un-tested, please provide feedback)
     175   * The following FDO providers have been validated in a 64-bit Linux environment by their respective FDO unit test suites (ie. All tests pass). Feedback on these providers in 64-bit Linux still welcome/appreciated:
     176     * SDF
     177     * SQLite
     178     * GDAL
     179     * OGR
     181 * Fusion: Bing/VirtualEarth commercial layers may conflict with Google layers if they are both specified in a Flexible Layout. If you have a Bing/VirtualEarth layer as the default, switching to a Google layer in your Fusion application will cause the Google layer to be displaced and vice versa.
     182 * #2252: It is not possible to call MgFeatureService::UpdateFeatures() with a NULL MgTransaction in the PHP API
     183 * Installer may generate a providers.xml entry for the ArcSDE provider if all providers are enabled in the "Feature Selection" dialog even if the installer does not actually bundle the ArcSDE provider. You can simply remove this entry from providers.xml after installation if this is the case.
     184 * CentOS: mgserver may throw double-free errors on service startup or server shutdown. Should not affect server behaviour.
     185 * The Performance Profiler on Linux may not work due to insufficient permissions to save the generated report files. To fix this, ensure the directory {{{/usr/local/mapguideopensource-3.1.0/webserverextensions/www/mapadmin/profilingmapxml}}} on linux has sufficient write permissions for the user account that the PHP executable runs under.
     186 * For an InstantSetup-based install with an Apache configuration, the Performance Profiler is [ hard-coded to always use mapviewerjava if it exists for displaying the map viewer] for capturing extents for profiling. If you did not choose a Java configuration you will get the ajaxviewer.jsp source instead of the expected map viewer. To resolve this, delete the mapviewerjava directory
     187 * Uninstallation can leave "ghost" IIS virtual directories behind, which currently is any virtual directory / application you create inside the mapguide virtual directory that '''was not created by the installer'''
     188   These "ghost" directories may impact on future installations. To ensure these "ghost" directories are completely gone after uninstallation, use the appcmd.exe utility to remove these virtual directories. You can find out what virtual directories are still there by running
     189{{{appcmd.exe list vdir}}}
     190 * PHP Viewer and Developer's Guide samples will not work if the PHP viewer feature is not enabled. Likewise for .net and Java. Nothing in the installer will prevent you from making such a choice.
     191 * For the IIS configuration or Apache configuration with a custom http port, you will have to update the WFS and WMS server name configuration properties via the MapGuide Site Administrator after installation if you intend to use such features. This is currently set to localhost:8008 for both.