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MapGuide RFCs

This page is a working document, showing all current and previous RFCs submitted to the MapGuide PSC. To create a new RFC follow these steps:

  • edit this page, creating a new link in the following format:

[wiki:MapGuideRfc# MapGuide RFC # - RFC Title]

  • add a status indication beside it of "Not ready for review"
  • save the page and follow the new link
  • edit the new page using the RFC Template as a guide
  • when you are ready for review, set the status column to "draft" and send a note to the mapguide-internals mail list


MapGuide RFC 1 - Commandline Parameter Changesadopted
MapGuide RFC 2 - Unmanaged Data APIsadopted
MapGuide RFC 3 - Session Affinityadopted
MapGuide RFC 4 - KML Supportas designed
MapGuide RFC 5 - Enhanced Join Supportadopted
MapGuide RFC 6 - Overriding Coordinate Systems in Feature Sourcesadopted
MapGuide RFC 7 - AJAX Tooltip Performance Optimizationsuperseded (MapGuideRfc15)
MapGuide RFC 8 - PHP pages for describing a feature sourceadopted
MapGuide RFC 9 - Add Convenience Methods to MgLayerBaseadopted
MapGuide RFC 10 - Make Schemas More Amenable to Interim Enhancementsadopted
MapGuide RFC 11 - Stateless Http GETTILEIMAGE requestadopted
MapGuide RFC 12 - Unmanaged Data API Changesadopted
MapGuide RFC 13 - Configurable tile sizeadopted
MapGuide RFC 14 - Cartographic Stylization Engineadopted
MapGuide RFC 15 - New Query Features APIadopted
MapGuide RFC 16 - Elevation and Extrusion Support for KMLadopted
MapGuide RFC 17 - Map Space Line Widthsadopted
MapGuide RFC 18 - Localizationadopted
MapGuide RFC 19 - Concurrent FDO provider connectionsadopted
MapGuide RFC 20 - Obtain User, Group, Role information from MapGuide session iddraft
MapGuide RFC 21 - Expose functionality for manipulating runtime map, using the Xml formatdraft
MapGuide RFC 22 - Replace FastCGIdraft
MapGuide RFC 23 - Berkeley DB XML 2.3.10 UpgradeNot ready for review
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