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MapGuide RFC 92 - Enable native GCC 4.4 compilaton

This page contains an change request (RFC) for the MapGuide Open Source project. More MapGuide RFCs can be found on the RFCs page.


RFC Template Version(1.0)
Submission DateMay 8, 2010
Last ModifiedRohit Razdan Timestamp
AuthorRohit Razdan
RFC Statusdraft
Implementation Statuspending
Proposed Milestone2.3
Assigned PSC guide(s)Trevor Wekel
Voting History(vote date)
no vote


MapGuide cannot compile with GCC 4.4, as of now. This RFC proposes updating the code base to enable native compilation of MapGuide/OEM dependencies on GCC 4.4.


Non compilation with the mainstream GCC version means that workarounds have to be used which don't always work. Building from source, is also a prerequisite to inclusion as a package in Debian/Ubuntu as well as other distros.

Proposed Solution

Prima facie, it seems that updating some files for headers along with make files for some OEM dependencies which hard code the GCC version should do the job. May need to update the 3rd party components.


Easier Mapguide build experience. First step towards inclusion in official repos.

Test Plan

Build and run usual unit tests.


Google through the GSOC program.

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