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MapGuide RFC 42 - Remove Support Servers

This page contains a change request (RFC) for the MapGuide Open Source project. More MapGuide RFCs can be found on the RFCs page.


RFC Template Version(1.0)
Submission DateDecember 5, 2007
Last ModifiedTrevor Wekel Timestamp
AuthorTrevor Wekel
RFC Statusnot ready for review
Implementation Statusnot implemented
Proposed Milestone2.0
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This RFC removes support servers from the MapGuide Site Administrator.


Load balanced site servers provide better scalability and easier setup than separate site and support servers. Furthermore, the site and support server concept is confusing for the user base.

Proposed Solution

Remove the "Add" and "Remove" buttons and the Services column from the "Manage Servers" page:

Manage Servers Dialog

Remove the "Add Server" page:

Add Server Dialog

On the "Configure Server" page, remove "Name" and the combo box, and the "Services" check boxes:

Configure Server Dialog

Also remove the "Services registration timer interval".

Service Interval

For the "Configure Services" page, remove "Server" and combo box:

Configure Services Dialog

Also remove the enabled flag from the section headers:

Section Header

Under the "Configure Logs" page, remove "Server" and combo box:

Configure Logs Dialog

Under the "Manage Logs" page, remove "Server" and combo box:

Manage Logs Dialog

Change the MapGuide Server installer to ask whether the Server is being installed on the same machine as the Web Extensions. If it is a "same machine" install, the IP address will default to localhost and the Server will not respond to a Web Extensions installed on different machine. This configuration is better for disconnected demonstration environments because a routable IP address is not required.

If it is not a "same machine" install, the installer will ask the user to specify the routable IP address for the Server. This configuration is appropriate for load balanced Site Servers.

The Web Extensions installer will follow the same pattern as the Server installer.


This RFC removes existing functionality. However, site and support servers were difficult to configure and it is unlikely that this functionality is currently in use.

Test Plan

Validate that the Site Administrator is still functioning correctly.


Autodesk to provide resources / funding.

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