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     1= !MapGuide RFC 34 - Add !ApplicationDefinition resource type and schema for Fusion integration=
     3This page contains an change request (RFC) for the !MapGuide Open Source project. 
     4More !MapGuide RFCs can be found on the [wiki:MapGuideRfcs RFCs] page.
     7== Status ==
     9||RFC Template Version||(1.0)||
     10||Submission Date||Aug 20, 2007||
     11||Last Modified||Chris Claydon [[Timestamp]]||
     12||Author||Chris Claydon||
     13||RFC Status||draft||
     14||Implementation Status||under development||
     15||Proposed Milestone||2.0||
     16||Assigned PSC guide(s)||(when determined)||
     17||'''Voting History'''||none||
     19== Overview ==
     21This RFC contains a proposal for the new schema for web applications based on the new "Fusion" framework, and for code modifications required to support the corresponding new resource type.
     23== Motivation ==
     25The new application definition framework (aka Fusion) for !MapGuide Open Source web applications requires !ApplicationDefinition resources to be created and stored in the !MapGuide repository. These resources define and configure the various components that are used in the web application, such as toolbars, context menus and maps, as well as controls such as Pan, Zoom, Search, Select etc.
     27== Proposed Solution ==
     29The working version of the !ApplicationDefinition schema is attached. It may still require a few modifications during the development process, but is essentially complete in its current form. This schema will be installed along with the !MapGuide Server to allow it to validate !ApplicationDefinition resources that are added to the repository.
     31The current APIs to save, retrieve and enumerate resources will remain unchanged. However, the underlying code will support the new "!ApplicationDefinition" resource type, and !MgResourceType will gain a definition for the MgResourceType::!ApplicationDefinition string constant.
     33== Implications ==
     35Support for this additional resource type will not impact any of the existing resource types.
     37== Test Plan ==
     39Testing should be carried out by creating, updating, deleting and enumerating !ApplicationDefinition resources in the !MapGuide Repository.
     41== Funding/Resources ==
     43Funding and resources to be supplied by Autodesk.