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MapGuide RFC 19 - Concurrent FDO provider connections

This page contains a change request (RFC) for the MapGuide Open Source project. More MapGuide RFCs can be found on the RFCs page.


RFC Template Version(1.0)
Submission DateApr 13, 2007
Last ModifiedBruce Dechant Timestamp
AuthorBruce Dechant
RFC StatusDraft
Implementation StatusPending
Proposed Milestone1.2
Assigned PSC guide(s)Robert Bray
Voting HistoryApril 13, 2007


The purpose of this RFC is to support a way to limit the # of concurrent FDO connections to a specific provider. By allowing for a limit to the # of concurrent FDO connections the server can support single threaded providers and any provider that has a limit on the # of client connections (ie: Oracle, etc...).


Currently, the server only supports FDO providers that support a thread-per-connection or better thread model. Although not ideal there is no support for single-threaded providers or for restriction the # of concurrent FDO connections. This needs to be addressed.

Proposed Solution


Test Plan

Test concurrent access to various FDO providers. Test single threaded FDO provider, example GDAL.


Autodesk to provide resources / funding.

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