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    99This project entails working with AJAX techniques to make a number of improvements to !MapGuide Web Studio, including adding support for all FDO providers (generically), color selection tools, map thematic generation logic and user interface improvements, etc.
     111. The MapAgent fcgi provides operations via the Feature Service that allow querying which FDO providers are installed and what their individual capabilities are.  Currently, only SHP and SDF FDO providers are supported, each with hard-coded interfaces.  This improvement would remove the existing support for SHP and SDF FDO providers and replace it with code that queries the Feature Service for available FDO providers and builds an appropriate user interface for configuring the selected provider.
     132. In various places in web studio, it is possible to specify an RRGGBBAA color value that MapGuide will use for a particular rendering operation.  Currently, there is only a text box to enter these values.  This improvement would add a UI for a color picker tool (possibly provided by DM Solutions Group) as an option to use for every available color input.
     153. The MapAgent fcgi provides operations for discovering statistics of feature sources underlying Layers.  These statistics can be used to build a UI for dynamically creating ranges of styles for a given layer.  This improvement would add a new theme building dialog to the layer styling interface that would simplify creation of a range of styles based on available statistics on the undering feature attributes.
     174. The web studio user interface is designed to be flexible and extensible.  This improvement would continue this work by making general improvements to the user interface and possibly adding support for new Resource types.
    1120=== !MapGuide and Google Web Toolkit ===