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Single Window

The page about the graphical layout of the single window user interface.

Previous suggestions

Previously, ideas for this topic were collected at the WxPython-based GUI for GRASS wiki page at GRASS user wiki.

Merging to trunk policy

  • single window GUI should be g.gui.* module placed in addons
    • Q: Is this now technicaly possible?
  • duplicated code cannot be committed into trunk
  • code in addons which duplicates code in trunk is tolerated as a temporal solution
  • code which has to be changed in the trunk should be changed by a self-contained patches
    • changed means refactored in this case
    • it is critical that new code will work with the old GUI and the g.gui.* module in addons (this demonstrates also good code quality)
  • only finished single window GUI which will not cause any code duplication can be committed into trunk