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     3= GRASS GIS Sample Dataset World =
     5''Description and discussion of (future) standardized GRASS GIS 7 dataset - an updated GRASS GIS 7 location to be used in manual pages, tutorials, courses, code testing, development and perhaps OSGeo Live.
     7Note: ''The user-oriented page with examples and list of existing datasets is at [ GRASS Wiki: GRASS GIS Standardized Sample Datasets].''
     9Contributors: xxx, [contribute and add yourself]
     11== Background information ==
     13Planet Earth minimalistic data set
     15=== Basic World location with PERMANENT mapset ===
     18Already there: demolocation/ in the source code
     20==== Common rules ====
     22 * Names of maps/layers must be the same for all standardized datasets. No additions to names such as `_10m` or `_wake_county` are allowed. This also implies that names must be in English, national language is not allowed for national standardized datasets (however, if desired, we can can work on a script which would automatically [ rename multiple maps] in dataset and would also find and replace names in documentation and tutorials).
     23 * Description in tables here should be usable as title of the map. Separate details in description, which should not be part of the title, using commas or parentheses. Titles can differ between standardized datasets and can use national language (unlike names).
     26=== Baseline world location ===
     28 * world_ll_base
     29  * PERMANENT
     31 * specialized mapsets to be distributed with world_ll_base
     32  * climate
     33  * landcover