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New features in GRASS 7



Release Candidate 1 (RC1)

SVN Source Code

  • Milestone: 7.0.5
  • SVN Checkout latest 7.0 release branch (including yet unpublished bugfixes):
      svn checkout

Overview of changes

A series of stability fixes, manual improvements and a few language translations have been added.

The GRASS GIS 7.0.5RC1 release provides XX fixes and improvements with respect to GRASS GIS 7.0.4.

New modules

Major module changes

Minor module changes

  • g.region: fix uninitialized struct - fixes convergence angle, #1500
  • d.northarrow: fix multiplication of arrow in latlon regions, see #1242 and #1410
  • i.eb.* + i.evapo.*: fix for MegaJoules? per meter square per day
  • i.segment: fix manhattan distance
  • writing of color table fixed
  • r.mapcalc: fix wrong result when neighborhood modifier takes a cell above first
  • v.category: fix Windows bug
  • print msg which index is actually calculated; fix ARVI name; apply standard NDVI color table in case of viname=ndvi
  • d.barscale/northarrow: fix layout when using frame, see #3121
  • r.out.gdal: enhance compatibility WRT metadata
  • d.histogram: fix x axis labels for small numbers, see #2463
  • Segmentation fault (fix #2868)
  • delete output on error (see #2394)
  • key flag does not change category values and you loose connection between features and attributes (fix #1494)

GUI changes

  • wxgui: fix for profile surface map, bivariate scatter plot, histogram of raster map broken with wxPython 3.0.2 (#2558)
  • wxGUI: fix font dialogs on Mac, see #3046
  • wxGUI/nviz: when showing legend parameter at can have floats not just int
  • wxGUI: catch also UnicodeDecodeError? when reading current directory as GISDBASE
  • g.gui.gmodeler: substitute all occurrences of variable in command (bugfix)
  • wxGUI: fix escape button to close dialogs and fix keyboard shortcuts on Mac, see #797
  • wxGUI: solve #2558 and #3112 by distributing with GRASS
  • wxGUI web_services: archived NASA OnEarth? replaced with NASA GIBS WMTS
  • g.gui.gmodeler - not possible to remove data from model (trac #2947)
  • wxGUI: escape single quotes when editing attributes from GUI, see #2252

PyGRASS changes

  • python script: backported raster_what function to work with or without localized labels fixed #2912

Library changes

  • Gtempfile() lacks perror support (fix #2278)

Map projection changes

  • libgis: register NAD83/2011 datum (EPSG:6543)

Portability changes

  • Patches to make the build reproducible (fileordering, randomness)
MS Windows

Manual pages

  • r.watershed: update manual
  • r.univar/r3.univar manuals: examples improved
  • v.distance manual: explain units of dmin and dmax
  • r.import manual: SRTM V3 example added
  • r.import manual: fix WorldClim? import example
  • i.atcorr manual, imageryintro: clarify TOAR part; cross links added; keywords added
  • manual: add Worldclim import trick
  • r.mapcalc manual/rasterintro: explain precision differences
  • r.neighbors manual: fix average example (was wrongly in maximum)
  • r.statistics + r.stats.quantile + r.stats.zonal manual: extended
  • v.overlay: remove duplicated notes about olayer option from the manual, figure caption cosmetics

Message translation updates

  • Spanish translation

Closed tickets

Closed bugs since the last release

wxGUI vector display forgets layer selection
Cmd-C on Mac closes display
FTBFS: r.mapcalc in trunk
Some hotkeys disabled in 6.5 wxgui
Location wizard: doesn't create MYNAME
vector fills and line widths not displaying in latlon regions
Trouble with external OGR sources and relative paths (v.external)
scalebar displays multiples north arrows
strange, low res display output behavior
GRASS 7: d.grid layout suboptimal
random color -c flag broken in d.vect
#1494 key flag does not change category values and you loose connection between features and attributes
'make install' results in an installation dependent upon temporary build directories
WXGUI Launch script: "output already exists"
location wizard setting default extents broken
#1705 segfaults on empty input
r.clump NULL handling
Correction help file r.colors
DBMI Protocol Error in v.extract
winGrass hangs when issuing exit command from the console if not GUI hasn't been closed first
pressing "save" on Digitization settings dialog raises error
remove deleted layer from layer tree
create IPython magic to launch GRASS wxGUI components Ipython qt console
create IPython magic to control from IPython Notebook
filesystem cruft from wingrass installer
towgs84 datum transform options not maintained with shapefile export
SetVirtualSizeHints is deprecated in wxWidgets 2.9
Example instructions in (grass/trunk) d.graphs' manual refer to d.frame
r.modis install using g.extension fails
G_OPT_M_COLR not recognized in Python script
wxgui renders disabled layers on map change
wxgui: attribute table manager fails with "Inconsistent number of columns in the table"
m.proj does not handle cs2cs failure
db.databases not working in GRASS 7
No polygon fill when using the png display driver
wxGUI vector digitizer passing unescaped text to database
Improve consistency in random generator usage
G__tempfile() lacks perror support
grass startup script and wx preference file: language setting in wx does not contain country specific language code
Error in Grass-gis 7.1. svn
grass.exec_command should add .exe where needed
wxview compilation error
Vect_get_line_type cannot handle line out of range
#2452 option devi Windows problem
d.histogram x-axis numbering incorrect
Zoom to saved region in Map Display not working
#2480 ImportError: No module named training_extraction
g.gui.iclass: cannot display analysis results because of "No graphics device selected"
g.rename fails to rename map when there is already map of the same name in PERMENENT
d.mon output overwrite
v.colors freezes using the pg driver and attr
G_OPT_C_BG and G_OPT_C_FG differ in support of color_none
[PATCH] Add options to r.out.gdal to suppress GRASS specific metadata items
Display of labels in raster query results window is limited to the first 60 characters
r.univar output error
d.rast.leg: invalid literal for float(): rectangle
GRASS won't start after creating addons
[PATCH] compactness gives wrong results in feet location
replace function bug in
The r.watershed module documentation has the wrong value for cells that do not get included in a complete watershed.
grass 7 doesn't start in text mode on CentOS 7
vector digitizer: new vector layer is not checked in layer manager
wxGUI: wx.metadata/wx.mwprecip/etc: Unable to fetch interface description for command 'wx.metadata'
Adding multiple raster/vector maps is slow
g.gui.vdigit: snapping distance seems to only be defined in map units, not screen pixels
results in winGRASS7 32bit vs 64bit: should they be identical?
#2868 Segmentation fault
Specify crs when exporting to GeoJSON
i.segment.hierarchical: Execution of subprocesses was not successful
raster_what() not compliant with localised version of GRASS
Documentation error in WRT to MSAVI parameters
g.gui.gmodeler - not possible to remove data from model
g.extension problem with module containing various python files: "ImportError: No module named"
r.watershed & blocking
g.region -p reporting correct projection, but unknown datum NAD83(2011) /North Carolina (USft)
v. generalize fails to generalize polygons in a random manner
Bug with location wizard on OSX (version 7, homebrew)
"Analyze map" not working with GRASS 7.0.4 (OSX - homebrew)
<m.nviz.script> - old manuals?
Grass Nviz crashes
Patches to make the build reproducible (fileordering, randomness)
OSX: command-C closes window instead of copying text
Cannot set display font
g.proj.html: remove link to g.setproj in GRASS 7
Watts to MegaJoules/Day conversion issue
r.mapcalc gives wrong result when neighborhood modifier takes a cell above first
Update link in r.param.scale
addons installl error
Batch import with import raster data tool does not recognize projection information
Patch to fix various spelling errors
exec_command fails if '.exe' not included in filename.
r.stats.zonal parameter description
db selection: integer overflow
wxgui scatterplot tool: C++ assertion "m_window" failed at ../src/gtk/dcclient.cpp(2043) in DoGetSize(): GetSize() doesn't work without window
v.what output is not valid JSON format
Pressing Run button in GUI dialogs open a new dialog
Patch to fix various spelling errors
i.segment.hierarchical: RuntimeError: Execution of subprocesses was not successful
d.wms entry in workspace file is not well formed
d.wms cannot move temp file with os.rename
Patch for spelling errors
v.out.ogr -c seg fault
db.connect: connection to remote database does not work

Closed wishes since the last release

scritps for converting raster maps into GRASS 7 format, and back
#307 output name should be required
Thematic grouping of grass modules in the command line
v.coregister / v.align : A module to translate and rotate a point cloud to best match one another
v.random, restrict output
#1236 sleep parameter
Interactive spectral plot gui
wingrass7 hotkey Ctrl+V an have unexpected behaviour from windows user point of view
fully qualified name on g.mlist
wxGUI vector and raster querying
GRASS 7 Monitor command line support
r.colors feature request (add flag to copy categories without having to run r.category separately)
add "area" to head in
Multiple time stamp support for raster and 3D raster maps
i.pca should accept also group names as input (like r.out.gdal)
#2045 use less memory
d.legend: add option to output legend definition as text
wxGUI modeler: allow to name elements in the model schema
#2208 reprojection at import
g.gui.gmodeler - global overwriting option is not respected
Create location from command line using "" and similar

Closed tasks since the last release

r.terraflow: consistent type for D8CUT
add --with-opencl support to ./configure
g.manual on Windows opens extra file explorer window
pygrass: remove RasterNumpy references