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     3'''DOCUMENT NOTES'''
     5--''HB's 2c''--
     7GRASS 6.3.0 will be a beta release for GRASS 6.4, but it will be the first GRASS release since 6.2.0 (31 Oct 2006) to include new features. As the code is generally bug-free and the release has gone through a RC QA cycle, we can consider than many people will use this version. In fact I don't think William even offers a GRASS 6.2.3 binary anymore for OSX.
     9Thus a major release announcement is warranted.
     11This means we should try and focus on the big issue changes since 6.2.3, not minor bug fixes since 6.3.0-rc6. Users can look at the SVN Changelog if they want to know about that. We can talk about major changes: Joining OSGeo and the new home for the homepage, move to SVN, new modules like*, v.edit, the wxPython GUI, native MS Windows support, etc.
     13I also think we should continue to host the release announcement on the website as for earlier releases. The trac wiki is fine for working documents but for press releases it seems like greeting the customer at a desk in the corner of the back workshop. The wiki is a fine place to collaboratively write the document, but the final version should end up in SVN. (if only to preserve it well for historical purposes)
     14The SVN/web version is a crisp white page with no distractions.
     16--''end of HB's 2c''--
    120= DRAFT DOCUMENT: GRASS GIS 6.3.0 Release =