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get rid of subgroups in imagery

GRASS 8 planning: ideas

For now just a brainstorming zone...

Raster library

  • organization of raster file storage layout: have one raster folder per map like for vector data or raster3D
    • for fp maps: move fcell to cell, eliminating empty cell file
  • implement GRASS_RASTER_TMPDIR_MAPSET like it exists for vector data (GRASS_VECTOR_TMPDIR_MAPSET), i.e. change all .tmp/ to variable in source code in init/, gis/open.c, gis/file_name.c, raster library
  • maintain history as it is already for vector maps
  • synchronize metadata between raster and vector maps
  • keep track of open raster maps (already done in the R structure)
  • Storage in tiles instead of by row (See Grass7/RasterLib)
  • Merge NULL file into main data array (See Grass7/RasterLib)
  • save more raster metadata like number of non-null cells, mean and stddev (see GDAL)
  • MASK: add support for writing raster data (not only reading)

Discussions at Aug 2017:

  • add tile support for better large map support (Sentinel, global data, ...), supporting massive parallel computations
    • tiles could then be even stored on different nodes for speed optimization
    • e.g. develop a new virtual raster mapset "VRT" (special like PERMANENT)
      • reading:
        • or add tile support deeply into raster lib (Rast_get_row()
        • use name scheme? make use of segment library
        • problem: due to row compression always whole row is read even if computation region is smaller
      • writing:
        • it is more complex

Imagery library

  • get rid of subgroups. No real need for that... (but overcomplication of usage)

Vector library

  • keep track of opened vector maps
  • keep track of dblinks to not remove table connected to multiple vector maps
  • get rid of dbf as database backend
  • ...

Python library


  • review (again) startup window, setting database/location/mapset, initial (default) location
  • single window interface as an option (first step: moving code to controller classes and panels)
  • avoid the need for setting up path to packaged before imports (now we need to mix code and imports), e.g. grassgui package next to grass package
  • integrated Addon and GUI toolboxes

Manual pages

  • generate Sphinx manuals (rst converter is already in man/)

Bug reports


defect type tickets:

Change default behavior of d.title to draw instead of output text
Revise monochromatic color tables

task type tickets:

move color structs to colors.h?
Remove legacy meaning of LOCATION variable

Critical issues

enhancement type tickets:

Change the GRASS GIS start up to more beginner friendly

Further issues