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GRASS 7 planning: trunk and branches management

General plan

  • GRASS 6.3.0 will be released from the releasebranch_6_3 branch
  • a new releasebranch_6_4 branch will be created, essentially doing bugfixes
  • trunk becomes GRASS 7.0.svn, it will be drastically restructured

GRASS 7 development SVN diagram

GRASS 6.2 releases

  • Release scope: maintenance mode (no native winGRASS support, no wxgrass)
  • An update to 6.2.3 is not planned unless a really nasty bug is found.

: --HB: suggestion- begin the above with "After 6.4.0 is released, ...".

GRASS 6.3 releases


  • Release scope: technology preview (with native winGRASS support, no wxgrass)
  • fix open bugs if there is interest
  • Once released, an update to 6.3.0 is not planned unless a nasty bug is found.

: Should we backport general bugs anyway (just in case) or is that wasted effort?

--HB: I feel porting fixes between 4 active branches is too much. (we will already have 6.2svn, 6.4svn, and 7svn)

  • Once the wxPython GUI is ready for formal beta testing, we might consider doing another 6.3.x including that.

: That will need to be taken from the 6.4 release branch. As is it hard (or is it?) to backport all new changes to the 6_3 release branch in bulk, maybe it is better to call 6.3.1+wx as 6.4.0pre1 and keep in in the 6_4 branch instead of attempting an ugly merge of everything back to 6_3?

GRASS 6.4 releases

GRASS 7 Ideas collection

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