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added work from Markus Metz

List of new features in GRASS 7

Graphical User Interface

Display modules

  • old display architecture removed
  • new display architecture based on CAIRO and wxPython

Raster modules

  • r.cost faster by orders of magnitude (10x - 100x)
  • r.walk faster by orders of magnitude (10x - 1000x)
  • r.watershed improved from G6.3 to G6.4 to G6.5 to G7: faster, less memory, floating point DEM support, MFD, clean stream extraction from MFD, segmented mode in G7 faster than in G6 by orders of magnitude (segmented mode in G7 only a bit slower than all-in-ram mode of G6.4)

Vector modules

  • faster for polygon-import, cleaner output


  • WPS support implemented in parser
  • Libraster separated out into own library


  • Libraster separated out from libgis


  • Large File Support (LFS) added
  • new spatial index, and spatial index kept in file: faster queries (>10x for large vectors), less memory for opening an existing vector
  • cleaning functions 'break polygons' and 'snap lines' faster, less memory

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