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Display library in GRASS 7

Move R_() fns to D_()

Directory lib/raster will be used for raster library. Initial step is to move R_() fns to D_() located in lib/display, see lib/raster.c Here is the list:

R_open_driver D_open_driver
R_close_driver D_close_driver
R_standard_color D_standard_color
R_RGB_color D_RGB_color
R_line_width D_line_width
R_erase D_erase
R_pos_abs D_pos_abs
R_box_abs D_box_abs
R_text_size D_text_size
R_text_rotation D_text_rotation
R_set_window D_set_window
R_get_window D_get_window
R_text D_text
R_get_text_box D_get_text_box
R_font D_font
R_encoding D_encoding
R_font_list D_font_list
R_font_info D_font_info
R_begin_scaled_raster D_begin_scaled_raster
R_scaled_raster D_scaled_raster
R_end_scaled_raster D_end_scaled_raster
R_bitmap D_bitmap
R_begin D_begin
R_move D_move
R_cont D_cont
R_close D_close
R_stroke D_stroke
R_fill D_fill
R_point D_point