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Aug 14, 2021, 10:51:19 AM (11 months ago)



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    458458First of all, I fixed the size of the automatic notebook which is used for the startup layout. The related PR has still some minor shortcomings with cmd warnings messages but we decided to let it be for now since it would require more intervention in the construction of the map panel status bar widget which is anyway likely to be very simplified or replaced by the settings dialog in the future.
    459460Secondly, I implemented the new changing tab event for the center AuiNotebook. You can have a look at PR which is already merged. To provide the fully working GRASS Single-Window GUI prototype, I also opened the PR [] which addresses several smaller things related to the AuiNotebook closing event. This PR is not merged yet but I plan to have it done by the end of GSoC. Merging this PR will close the Issue with the new AuiNotebook events.
    460462Thirdly, I moved the NewDisplay button to the upper Tools toolbar, see the PR (merged).
    461463Lastly, each layer tree is about to have one independent toolbar. I have coded it in the PR which is not in the master branch yet.