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    105105 * Co-mentor: ?
     107=== Additional functionality for running GRASS GIS modules in Jupyter Notebook ===
     109* Start of GRASS GIS inside a script or a notebook is currently too cumbersome.
     110* Maps do not allow panning and other interactions.
     111* Examples how to use Jupyter Notebooks with GRASS GIS are missing. These examples need to be integrated into GRASS GIS, OSGeo (OSGeo-Live) and (interactive) Jupyer documentation.
     112* Requirements: Basic knowledge of GRASS GIS scripting and IPython/Jupyter Notebooks, Python, !JavaScript
     113* Mentor: ?
     114* Co-mentor: Vaclav Petras
     116=== Integration of PDAL into GRASS GIS ===
     118* Fully replace LibLAS.
     119* Expose the rich PDAL functionality.
     120* Share code with modules such as (libLAS-based) and for easy future maintenance.
     121* Optional (depending on time) or as a separate topic: v.external and `@PDAL` pseudo-mapset for point clouds
     122* Requirements: C, C++
     123* Mentor: ?
     124* Co-mentors: Vaclav Petras, Vaclav Petras, Doug Newcomb
     126=== Benchmarking framework for GRASS GIS ===
     128* A set of functions/modules to test performance of GRASS GIS modules based on different inputs.
     129* Examples of such benchmarks.
     130* Sharing of interface and code with the existing testing framework needs to be addressed.
     131* See also and wiki:GSoC/2014/TestingFrameworkForGRASS
     132* Mentor: ?
     133* Co-mentor: Vaclav Petras
     135=== GRASS GIS as a post-processing part of WebODM ===
     137* Integrate GRASS GIS into WebODM for post-processing of point clouds and orthophotos.
     138* This will require development in the are of GRASS GIS command line (and/or Python) interface for standalone applications. These improvements need to be integrated into GRASS GIS for maintenance and re-usability purposes.
    107139=== enhancement ===