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Feb 15, 2008, 12:23:35 AM (15 years ago)

Let's try to make some GRASS best practise guide for developers


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     1= GRASS best practise list page =
     2== What is "GRASS best practise" list? ==
     3There are many unwritten rules how GRASS modules should work, what they should and shouldn't do. There is allways some reason why some things are considered as "good" or "bad", still they are just noted in some long GRASS developer mailing list conversations. This page aims to collect such ideas floating around in GRASS-dev mailing list (and other places) to help new module developers/bugfixers to understand many little tricks how GRASS modules should work.
     4== New list item adding guide ==
     5List items should be short and general. Add only things that are revelant to all modules or module groups. There should be reason why such rule/hint exists - add reference to ML archive thread or short description why such rule is important. Look into [source:trunk/ SUBMITING*] documentation for already existing specific rules. Feel free to add code/pseudocode samples, if they apply.
     6== GRASS best practise list (unsorted) ==
     7 * All GRASS modules should accept map names in format "map@mapset".
     8 * Module should '''not''' write/change maps in other mapsets than current mapset.