GeoTIFF represents an effort by over 160 different remote sensing, GIS, cartographic, and surveying related companies and organizations to establish a TIFF based interchange format for georeferenced raster imagery.

Trac was previously used for code and ticket management, but

Since December 2018, creation of new tickets/issues has been moved to

The Subversion repository has been frozen and is no longer updated. Refer to the GitHub link as well for source code

Information and Support


Libgeotiff is an open source library normally hosted on top of libtiff for reading, and writing GeoTIFF information tags. The libgeotiff library is a sub-project of the MetaCRS project. Please contact warmerdam@… for more information, or to get involved.

GeoTIFF Mailing List

A mailing list is currently active to discuss the on-going development of this standard, and the libgeotiff support library. Subscribe and unsubscribe on the web. Mail can be sent to geotiff@…. Online threaded archives are available for viewing on the web.

The GeoTIFF mailing list is also available by NNTP at news://

Comments? e-mail warmerdam@… (Frank Warmerdam)

Bug Tracking

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