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Testing Tools

Testing executables are in bin

Unit testing

Individual test classes within the test_geos_unit suite can be run by calling the test_geos_unit executable directly. The unit test name is found in the test source file.

$ bin/test_geos_unit capi::GEOSNode

Individual tests within a test class can be run by specifying the test number:

$ bin/test_geos_unit capi::GEOSNode 1

XML Tests

XML tests can be run using test_xmltester:

bin/test_xmltester ../geos/tests/xmltester/tests/robust/overlay/TestOverlay-geos-837.xml

The XML Tester supports the following options:

Usage: bin/test_xmltester [options] <test> [<test> ...]
 -v                  Verbose mode (multiple -v increment verbosity)
--test-valid-output  Test output validity
--test-valid-input   Test input validity
--sql-output         Produce SQL output
--wkb-output         Print Geometries as HEXWKB

Additional Testing Tools

There are additional tests (typically for performance) which are built, but not run as part of the standard test suite. These can be run from the command line:

$ bin/perf_iterated_buffer