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Compilers landscape

GEOS RFC 5: C++11 Upgrade

This document proposes GEOS upgrade to C++11 version of the C++ standard and describes benefits and outlines the process.

RFC 5: C++11 Upgrade
Author: Mateusz Łoskot
Status: Planned/Draft?


...long way to go, tbc.

Compilers Landscape

Summary of compilers supported by GEOS with their minimal versions required to compile source code based on C++11 features.

  • C++11

GCC 4.8.1 C++11 status
Clang3.3 C++11 status
MSVC 12.0 (2013) C++11 status
  • C++14

The C++14 compilers are listed for comparison only:

GCC 4.9+
MSVC 14.0 (2015)