The official GEOS code repository is the GIT repository (

Clone with: git clone

Use your OSGeo Userid (same as this trac instance) to contribute

Nightly snapshot can be found on


There are a few mirrors of the official repository available:

  • repository - need a or account to contribute
  • repository - needs a account to contribute


Merging a change

This is one possible workflow for merging a change. It assumes the developer has a fork of GEOS on their GitHub account.

This workflow is a fast one to allow checking the CI using GitHub Actions (which runs in the dev's GitHub repo). This may result in merge commits; rebasing might be a better idea.

git push devguy mybranch
... does it pass CI? ...
... yes! ...
git checkout main
git pull origin main
git merge --squash mybranch
git commit -m 'my new commit message'
git push origin main
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