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CMake download info

*** IMPORANT: Testers of CMake configuration wanted! Please, try to build GEOS with CMake and report any problems by submitting New Ticket. Patches welcome! ***

Building on Windows with CMake

This article describes how to use CMake build system to build and install GEOS from sources on Microsoft Windows systems using Visual C++ compiler.

Get from CMake download page explode it on a path (eg: c:\cmake\") and add to the path the ../bin directory eg: SET PATH=c:\cmake\cmake-2.8.2-win32-x86\bin;%PATH% after this start a shell dos.

Alternatively, download fully-featured Windows installer package (e.g. cmake-2.8.2-win32-x86.exe) and select option adding CMake runtime location to PATH environment variable.

In order to create the project with cmake do this:

suppose for example the geos-trunk was downloaded in "c:\svn" you may create a new folder like "c:\test_geos" enter in "c:\test_geos" and run the command for the compiler you like use: (please notice the / instead of \)

c:\test_geo> cmake -G "Visual Studio 9 2008" ../svn


c:\test_geo>cmake -G "Visual Studio 9 2008 Win64" ../svn


c:\test_geo>cmake -G "NMake Makefiles" ../svn

with these commands cmake creates a VS nmake or solution file in the folder "c:\test_geos" able to compile GEOS

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