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Geoinformatica issue tracker and developer wiki

These wiki pages mainly contain developer oriented material of the Geoinformatica FOSS4G project. Other pages:


A buildbot builds GDAL, libral, and Geoinformatica Perl modules nightly.



  • libral? A raster algebra library, which also currently hosts rendering code.
  • gvl? Not yet in trunk, a library for rendering geodata with styles using the Cairographics library.
  • Geo-GDAL A Perl API for GDAL and OGR.
  • Geo-OGC-Geometry? A set of Perl classes; implements the OGC simple features class structure.
  • Geo-OGC-SymbologyEncoding? Not yet in trunk, a set of Perl classes; read, store and write OGC symbology encoding documents.
  • Gtk2-Ex-Geo? A set of Perl classes; e.g., a geocanvas and a base class for geolayers (Gtk::Ex::Geo::Layer).
  • Geo-Raster? A Perl module for raster geodata; contains an API for libral and a subclass for Gtk::Ex::Geo::Layer.
  • Geo-Vector? A Perl module for vector geodata; contains also a subclass for Gtk::Ex::Geo::Layer.
  • IPC-Gnuplot? A simplistic interface for Gnuplot.
  • Geoinformatica? A simple GUI app for viewing geodata and a packaged stack of FOSS4G.


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