Third GDAL Meeting

Date: Friday, October 24, 2008

Time: 1400 GMT or 10:00am US Eastern (world clock)

Place: #gdal on



Attendance: Howard Butler, Ari Jolma, Tamas Szekerest, Klokan Petr Přidal, Andrey Kiselev, Frank Warmerdam

  • Minutes of SecondMeeting approved.
  • The following release schedule was established:
    • October 29th: Beta 1
    • November 12th: Beta 2
    • November 26th: RC 1
    • Additional RCs as needed (hopefully only a few days apart) till final release approved
  • Several small outstanding work items planned before Beta1.
  • Bug list reviewed quickly:
    • All developers encouraged to review bugs, retarget milestones, and raise priority of important bugs to "high" or even "highest" if they are absolutely release critical.
    • FrankW will attempt a more comprehensive review of outstanding tickets.
    • All developers are encouraged to seize and fix tickets of interest!
    • It is not anticipated that the bulk of the bugs will be fixed for the release (460 open tickets, 100 against the 1.5/1.6.0 milestones). Instead we must identify high priority issues, and otherwise just fix those that people have time/inclination for.
  • Folks are encouraged to add release related to do items and issues in TODO160.
  • Andrey Kiselev will draft a 1.6.0 Test Matrix for everyone to start contributing too after Beta1 is released.
  • Today (Oct 24th) was declared RFC freeze day.
  • Frank Warmerdam was declared 1.6.0 release manager.
  • Meeting adjourned.
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