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Updated GSoC 2008 ideas

Google Summer of Code

GDAL participates in the Google Summer of Code under the OSGeo umbrella.

2008 Ideas List

These are suggestions. Students are encouraged to come up with their own ideas as well.

  1. Implement GeoPNG/GeoJPEG by embedding coordinate system and geotransformation information (possibly in GML) as chunks in PNG and JPEG files (see GML JP2 for a model of how this might be done).
  1. PNG Driver (using libpng)
  1. OGR WFS read (or read/write) driver using existing OGR GML driver for feature parsing.
  1. Implementation of alternative driver for GML 2 and GML 3 using Expat XML Parser
  1. Implementation of read-only WFS driver using GML driver based on the Expat XML Parser.
  1. Develop a driver for GeoRSS
  1. Develop a driver for OpenStreetMap protocol
  1. Develop a driver for IBM DB2 and its Spatial Extender
  1. Extend GeoJSON driver with cashing capabilities when accessing remote datasource.