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Update status of some GSoC ideas


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    5252Possible mentor/co-mentor: Dmitry Baryshnikov (
     54Note: done as GSoC 2014 project
    5456'''6. Bring up to speed the OGR style support'''. Feature Style Specification is outdated. There are several popular formats SLD, SVG and etc. which can be supported by OGRLayer. Some format conversion maybe implemented. Need to select new style specification format, rewrite GDAL code to support it and add such functionality to such drivers as DXF, KML, MapInfo tab, etc. Possible further work could be to study what changes need to be done in MapServer project, so it can use it.
    6668Possible mentor/co-mentor: Even Rouault( even.rouault at )
     70Note: done in GDAL 2.0dev
    6872'''8. Add new supported data types.''' The GDAL support limited data types in attributes fields. Modern formats can support more date types in attributes. The student should check all the OGR drivers for attributes types and create a list new types which must be implemented in GDAL. E.g. the GUID type is one of the candidates. The OGR drivers which not supported such types must convert the data to more closer types (e.g. guid -> string). Also deprecated types should be removed (e.g. OFTWideString, OFTWideStringList). The main OGR Drivers should be corrected to support new types.
    7377Possible mentor/co-mentor: Dmitry Baryshnikov (
     79Note: partly done with 64 bit integers, boolean, 16 bit integers
    7581'''9. OGR Driver for MongoDB.''' MongoDB, a document database that provides high performance, high availability, and easy scalability, can be a good platform for storing extremely large spatial datasets, to support high performance geo-computation and real-time spatial analysis in a large scale.This project aims at developing a OGR Driver for MongoDB to help applications or softwares based on GDAL, such as QGIS, GeoServer, Mapserver, ArcGIS and so on, read & write the spatial data in it, and thus enable the Open Source GIS Ecosystem powered by the advanced NoSQL database.
    8086Possible mentor/co-mentor: Even Rouault( even.rouault at )
     88Note: a MongoDB driver has been developed and is available in an out-of-tree repository
    8291== 2013 Ideas List ==