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Software Using GDAL

  • 3D DEM Viewer from MS MacroSystem
  • Cadcorp SIS: A Windows GIS with a GDAL plugin.
  • Demeter: A another OpenGL based terrain engine somewhat similar to VTP.
  • ESRI ArcGIS 9.2+: A popular GIS platform.
  • Feature Data Objects (FDO): Open source spatial data access libraries.
  • flighttrack: GPS track viewing and downloading software for Mac.
  • FME: A GIS translator package includes a GDAL plugin.
  • GeoMatrix Toolkit, and GeoPlayerPro from GeoFusion: 3D visualization.
  • Google Earth: A 3D world viewer.
  • GRASS: A raster/vector open source GIS uses GDAL for raster import and export (via and r.out.gdal).
  • gstat: a geostatistical modelling package.
  • gvSIG: Desktop GIS Client.
  • ILWIS: Remote Sensing and GIS Desktop Package.
  • IONIC Red Spider: an OGC Web Services platform includes a GDAL plugin.
  • libral: A raster algebra implementation and an experimental GUI+CLI GIS with Perl and GTK+.
  • MapGuide: Open source web mapping server.
  • UMN MapServer: A popular web mapping application with GDAL support.
  • MapWindow: open source ActiveX control with GIS functionality.
  • MicroImages TNT products: advanced software for geospatial analysis (Windows, LINUX, Mac OS X and UNIX)
  • OpenEV: An OpenGL/GTK/Python based graphical viewer which exclusively uses GDAL for raster access.
  • OSSIM: Another geospatial viewing and analysis environment which uses GDAL as one of several plugins.
  • the PYXIS innovation: An application for viewing performing analysis and modeling on user's geo-located data.
  • Quantum GIS (QGIS): A cross platform desktop GIS.
    • ScanMagic: Win32 application for visualization, analysis and processing of remote sensing data (lite version for free).
    • SpaceEyes3D: 3D visualization software for cartographic data.
    • SpatialAce: A GIS Rapid Application Development environment.
    • StarSpan: raster/vector analysis.
    • Thuban: A multi-platform interactive geographic data viewer.
    • vGeo: Interactive data fusion and visual analysis tool.
    • Virtual Terrain Project: fostering tools for easy construction of the real world in interactive, 3D digital form.

Feel free to add new packages in alphabetical order, please keep the description brief. Emphasised entries have an unusually strong or long collaborative history with GDAL.