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Software Using GDAL

  • GRASS: A raster/vector open source GIS uses GDAL for raster import and export (via and r.out.gdal).
  • OpenEV: An OpenGL/GTK/Python based graphical viewer which exclusively uses GDAL for raster access.
  • OSSIM: Another geospatial viewing and analysis environment which uses GDAL as one of several plugins.
  • UMN MapServer: A popular web mapping application with GDAL support.
  • Virtual Terrain Project: The VTP libraries now use GDAL.
  • Thuban: A multi-platform interactive geographic data viewer.
  • Quantum GIS (QGIS): A cross platform desktop GIS.
  • Demeter: A another OpenGL based terrain engine somewhat similar to VTP.
  • Cadcorp SIS: A Windows GIS with a GDAL plugin.
  • FME: A GIS translator package includes a GDAL plugin.
  • IONIC Red Spider: an OGC Web Services platform includes a GDAL plugin.
  • ESRI ArcGIS 9.2+: A popular GIS platform.
  • ScanMagic: Win32 application for visualization, analysis and processing of remote sensing data (lite version for free).
  • MS MacroSystem: 3D DEM Viewer.
  • gstat: a geostatistical modelling package.
  • flighttrack: GPS track viewing and downloading software for Mac.
  • StarSpan: raster/vector analysis.
  • gvSIG: Desktop GIS Client.
  • libral: A raster algebra implementation and an experimental GUI+CLI GIS with Perl and GTK+.
  • Google Earth: A 3D world viewer.
  • vGeo: Interactive data fusion and visual analysis tool.
  • ILWIS: Remote Sensing and GIS Desktop Package.
  • SpaceEyes3D: 3D visualization software for cartographic data.
  • MapWindow: open source ActiveX control with GIS functionality.
  • GeoMatrix Toolkit, and GeoPlayerPro from GeoFusion: 3D visualization.
  • SpatialAce: A GIS Rapid Application Development environment.
  • MicroImages TNT products: advanced software for geospatial analysis (Windows, LINUX, Mac OS X and UNIX)

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