GDAL/OGR 2.3.3 Release Notes

The 2.3.3 release is a bug fix release.



  • fix potential link errors when using internal libgif and internal libpng but headers of those libraries are available in the system in different versions than our internal ones (#938)


  • Add support for Poppler 0.69 (#1004) and 0.71 (#1121)


  • /vsiaz/: support BlobEndpoint element in AZURE_STORAGE_CONNECTION_STRING such as found in Azurite (#957)
  • /vsis3/: detect Amazon EC2 instances that use the newer hypervisor (#958)
  • /vsis3/: honour CPL_VSIL_CURL_ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS configuration option (#995)
  • /vsicurl/: fix parsing of HTML file listing that got broken in GDAL 2.3.0

GDAL utilities

  • gdalwarp: fix crash when warping on an existing dataset with less bands as needed
  • gdal2tiles: rename 'tilesize' and 'tileSize' variables to 'tile_size' to have uniform spelling, and fix exception (#1127)
  • gdal_grid: fix -clipsrc from a vector datasource (broken at least since GDAL 2.1)

GDAL algorithms

  • gdal_grid linear: fix detection of degenerate triangles (#973)

GDAL drivers

FITS driver:

  • allow reading/writing beyond 2 billion pixel limit

GeoRaster driver:

  • Fix the issue by freeing the temporary lobs created by readCLob() and writeCLOB().

GPKG driver:

  • properly delete gridded coverage raster layers

GRIB driver:

  • interpret missing data values correctly for complex packing when original data is integer (#1063)
  • fix writing of nodata value for complex value when original data is integer (#1063)
  • add UNIT[] node to SRS on reading, so that is valid

GTiff driver:

  • update COMPRESSION_ZSTD to the new value of 50000. Still recognize files created with 34926, but only in the branch, and emit warning
  • internal libtiff: tif_lzma.c: report error in LZMAPreEncode() which can require a lot of memory; and skip gracefully in tests in that case (#1026)

IRIS driver:

  • add UNIT[] node to SRS on reading, so that is valid

NetCDF driver:

  • fix west > east if west should be < east (#1114)

PDS4 driver:

  • add UNIT[] node to SRS on reading, so that is valid

RasterLite2 driver:

  • fail on Create() that is not supported

RDA driver:

  • enable support for DG RDA Image Reference string

VRT driver:

  • deal with serialized nodata value that is slightly outside Float32 validity range (#1071)

WMTS driver:

  • fix issue with inappropriate zoom level being selected causing integer overflow in raster dimension computation
  • fix potential off-by-one pixel when compositing the underlying WMS/TMS source into the final raster

OGR core


  • FindMatches(): if the input SRS has a EPSG code, check that its definition and the EPSG one actually matches (#990)

OGR utilities

  • fix issue with non-ASCII characters (#1067)

OGR drivers

DXF driver:

GeoJSON driver:

  • RFC7946 writer: clip and offset geometries outside [-180,180] (#1068)

KML/LIBKML drivers:

LIBKML driver:

MSSQLSpatial driver:

  • Fix geometry parser with M values (#1051)

MVT driver:

  • disable check on 'extent' field in identifiation method, which rejected tiles with extent > 16384

OpenFileGDB driver:

Shape driver:

SQLite driver:

  • do not run spatial index creation in rollback code

XLSX / ODS drivers:

  • avoid harmless warning in some cases when guessing column data types

Python bindings

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