GDAL/OGR 2.3.2 Release Notes

The 2.3.2 release is a bug fix release.



  • Remove additionnal '$' in front of '${CXX}' in configure to fix ECW5 detection
  • Set minimum pkg-config version to 0.21


  • ODBC: Fetch wide-char strings on UNIX (#839)
  • /vsigzip/: allow seeking to beginning of file, despite decompression error
  • CPLIsMachineForSureGCEInstance(): use a more reliable method of identifying a Google Compute Engine instance

GDAL core

GDAL utilities

  • gdal_translate: make -stats option work with -co COPY_SRC_OVERVIEWS=YES (#792)
  • gdal_translate: fix RPC correction when using -srcwin with negative offsets (#827)
  • gdal_contour: fix GDAL 2.3 regression with fixed interval contouring that resulted in discontinuities in contour lines (#889)
  • gdal2tiles: fix wrong computation of min zoom level in some cases (#730)
  • gdal2tiles: fix performance issue by caching source dataset; GDALAutoCreateWarpedVRT(): fix issue with out-of-range nodata values (#770)
  • gdal2tiles: restore GDAL < 2.3 behaviour when output directory is not explicitly specified (#795)
  • gdal2tiles: fix --force-kml (#809)

GDAL algorithms

  • gdal_grid linear: speed-up search of triangle for points outside of the triangulation
  • gdal_grid linear: avoid artifacts with degenerate triangles (#638)
  • Gauss resampling: fix potential read heap buffer overflow in corner cases. Fixes Credit to OSS Fuzz
  • GDALDEMProcessing(): fix null pointer dereference if psOptionsIn == nullptr (#931)

GDAL drivers

E00GRID driver:

  • correctly parse projection sections that have lines with tildes (#894)

ENVI driver:

  • support reading truncated datasets (#915)

GPKG driver:

  • retrieve original raster file when using gdal_translate -co APPEND_SUBDATASET=YES with other gdal_translate switches
  • copy source metadata when using TILING_SCHEME

GRIB driver:

  • turn printf() warning as CPLDebug() messages

GTiff driver:

  • fix retrieving mask band of overview band when the mask is external. Fixes -co COPY_SRC_OVERVIEWS=YES of such datasets (#754)
  • Resync with libtiff to fix TIFFTAG_ZSTD_LEVEL pseudo tag value
  • Internal libtiff: Fix libtiff 4.0.8 regression when reading LZW-compressed strips with scanline API
  • Internal libtiff: fix flush issue that can cause endless loop in ZSTDEncode() (#833)

HTTP driver:

  • do not immediately delete a file used by the JP2OpenJPEG driver

netCDF driver:

  • avoid use of uninitialized variable when reading blocks in creation mode (#891)

NITF driver:

PCIDSK driver:

  • add back support for creating external overviews, removed years ago when switching to the new PCIDSK SDK (#887)

PDS4 driver:

  • fix georeferencing reading/writing to use pixel corner convention (#735)

PLScenes driver:

  • fix /vsicurl/ raster download
  • fix scene activation

SRP driver:

  • ASRP/USRP: allow opening files padded with 0x5E / character without emitting error (#838)

VRT driver:

  • VRTComplexSource: make sure that min and max values in case of exponential resampling are properly computed

WMTS driver:

  • avoid issue with reprojection of layer extent into TileMatrixSet SRS


  • importFromProj4/exportToProj4: fix typo in the PROJ method name of InternalMapOfTheWorldPolyconic which is imw_p (instead of the misspelled iwm_p)
  • Krovak: explicit that alpha and Pseudo_standard_parallel_1 are hardcoded in PROJ

OGR utilities

OGR drivers

CSV driver:

  • avoid endless loop when iterating and updating features (#919)

EDIGEO driver:

ESRIJson driver:

  • parse documents that lack 'geometryType' member (#914)

GeoJSON driver:

  • increase max memory allowed to parse a single feature (#807)
  • remore topojson from extensions recognized by the driver

GPKG driver:

  • remove useless check that encoding is UTF-8 (#793)
  • fix typo in gpkg_metadata_reference_column_name_update trigger definition that causes failure when renaming a table with latest sqlite master

MITAB driver:

  • fix geometry corruption when editing some datasets (#817)
  • fix writing .tab when field name has invalid characters in it (#924)
  • TABCleanFieldName: remove Windows specific logic related to double-byte codepage since we assume UTF-8 in our interfaces (#924)

MySQL driver:

  • add runtime support for MySQL 8.0 for spatial functionalities (#782)

MSSQLSpatial driver:

  • Accept datetime values (#841)
  • Don't truncate string values (#843)
  • Create 3D features (#852)

OSM driver:

PDF driver:

  • fix the parser of drawing instructions that had issues with array objects

Shapefile driver:

  • fix corruption when deleting a field from a .dbf without records (#863)

VFK driver:

  • fix missing fields in update mode gfs (#734)
  • fix missing geometry for SBPG layer (#710)

WFS driver:

SWIG bindings

Java bindings:

  • Unix: fix JNI library bundling
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