GDAL/OGR 2.2.4 Release Notes

The 2.2.4 release is a bug fix release.


  • configure: add support for ECW SDK 5.4, by detecting if we must link against the newabi or oldabi link


GDAL utilities

  • gdalinfo: make sure to display geodetic coordinates always in degree (and not potentially in another unit such as grad) (#4198)
  • gdalinfo / VRT: fix crash with implicit overviews on per-dataset mask band (
  • gdalwarp: fix when several input datasets with different SRS are specified, and no explicit target SRS is provided (#7170)
  • gdal_rasterize: fix crash in some situations with ALL_TOUCHED option (#7176)

GDAL algorithms

GDAL drivers

AirSAR driver:

  • fix computation of imaginary part in C23 case (#7222)

EHdr driver:

GTiff driver:

  • use consistently multiplication/division by 257 when converting between GDAL [0,255] range to TIFF [0,65535] range for color map values (#2213)

netCDF driver:

  • behave correctly when an extra dimension of a variable has a corresponding 1D variable of different names (#7165)

NITF driver:

PCRaster driver:

  • fix fseek/ftell for large files on Windows (#7255)

RRASTER driver:

  • fix wrong declaration of PIXELTYPE=SIGNEDBYTE for datatype=INT1S
  • fix reading empty nodatavalue keyword

Sentinel2 driver:

  • make sure that the True Color Image subdatset really uses the R,G,B bands and not the R,R,R (#7251)

VRT driver:

  • VRTDerivedRasterBand: fix detection of Python runtime already loaded when more than 100 modules are linked. Fixes QGIS3 use case (#7213)

OGR core

OGR utilities

  • ogr2ogr: honour -select when using -addfiels; fix converting from Memory to Memory datasources (#7217)

OGR drivers

Carto driver:

  • fix append mode by retrieving the sequence name for the primary key (#7203)
  • fix insertion with ogr2ogr -preserve_fid (#7216)
  • fix missing features when iterating over a SQL result layer with pagination (#6880)

GeoJSON driver:

  • fix writing of id with RFC7946=YES (#7194)
  • Add support for json-c v0.13 (#7195)

GPKG driver:

LIBKML driver:

  • workaround Windows specific issue with libkml (at least the version used by OSGeo4W at time of writing), where tabulations as coordinate separators aren't properly handled (#7231)
  • workaround Windows specific issue if the content of <coordinates> is non-empty and does not contain any digit (#7232)

MITAB driver:

  • fix crash on reading TAB views (#7171)
  • add support for SWEREF99 datum (#7256)

NAS driver:

NTF driver:

Shapefile driver:

ODBC driver:

  • deal with table names that require double quoting (#7242)

XLSX driver:

  • fix updating multi layer document where existing layers where dropped (#7225)
  • on writing, use %.16g formatting for floating point numbers (#7230)


  • avoid potential issue with CPL circular buffers (can happen if there are extra drivers that use CPLGet....() functions)

SWIG bindings

  • Fix potential null pointer dereference in Python/Perl Dataset.WriteRaster() and Perl Dataset.ReadRaster() when buffer type is not specified and there is a single band
  • Python bindings: add addFields and forceNullable options to gdal.VectorTranslate() (#7217)
  • Python bindings: fix build when CC variable is made of serveral words
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