GDAL/OGR 2.1.4 Release Notes

The 2.1.4 release is a bug fix release.


  • configure: remove bashism (#6791)
  • configure: fix --without-mrf (#6811)
  • Add HDF4_INCLUDE option to MSVC builds (#6805)
  • DWG: fix compilation problems (#6843)
  • configure: fix detection of 64bit file API with clang 5 (#6912)
  • configure: use .exe extension when building with mingw64* toolchains (#6919)
  • mongoDB: compilation fix on Windows


  • CPLSerializeXMLNode(): fix potential buffer overflow (#6851)

*/vsicurl/: fix occasional inappropriate failures in Read() with some combinations of initial offset, file size and read request size (#6901)


  • gdal_rasterize: fix crash when rasterizing empty polygon (#6844)
  • GDALRasterize(): avoid hang in some cases with all_touched option (#5580)

GDAL utilities

  • Man pages: remove redundant utility name (#6822)
  • gdaldem: backport r37897 (#6847)
  • gdalwarp: fix crash when -multi and -to RPC_DEM are used together (#6869)

GDAL drivers

AIGRID driver:

  • fix handling on raw 32-bit AIG blocks (#6886)

DTED driver:

  • correctly create files at latitudes -80, -75, -70 and -50 (#6859)

GeoRaster driver:

  • support for JP2-F compression (#6861)
  • support direct loading of JPEG-F when blocking=no (#6861)
  • default blocking increased from 256x256 to 512x512 (#6861)
  • fix handling of memory allocation failure (#6884)

OpenJpeg driver:

GPKG driver:

  • set matrix_width/matrix_height in gpkg_tile_matrix in conformance with req 45 (#6826)
  • avoid corruption of gpkg_tile_matrix when building overviews, down to a level where they are smaller than the tile size (#6932)

GTiff driver:

  • map D_North_American_1927 datum citation name to OGC North_American_Datum_1927 so that datum is properly recognized (#6863)

Idrisi driver:

  • make Create() zero-initialize the .rst file (#6873)

MBTiles driver:

  • on opening if detecting 3 bands, expose 4 bands since there might be transparent border tiles (#6836)

netCDF driver:

  • fix crash on int64/uint64 dimensions and variables, and add support for them (#6870)

NWT_GRC driver:

  • Fix handling of alpha values in GRC color table (#6905)

SRTMHGT driver:

  • handle files for latitude >= 50 (#6840)

VRT driver:

  • fix 2.1 regression that can cause crash in VRTSimpleSource::GetFileList() (#6802)

WMTS driver:

OGR core

  • OGR SQL: fix IN filtering on MapInfo indexed columns (2.0 regression, #6798)
  • Fix issue when getting MULTIPOINT(0 0,1 1) envelope (#6841)
  • OGRPolygon: make IsEmpty() return TRUE if the polygon is made of an empty ring (#6844)
  • OGRParse: fix parsing logic to avoid false positive detection of string as datetime (#6867)

OGR utilities

  • ogr2ogr/GDALVectorTranslate(): fix crash when using -f PDF -a_srs (fixes #6920)

OGR drivers

Amigocloud driver:

GeoJSON driver:

  • ESRIJson: avoid endless looping on servers that don't support resultOffset (#6895)

GPKG driver:

  • make GetFeature() works on non conformant tables that have no integer primary key field (#6799), and be robust to non standard column types
  • GPKG: declare feature id column of features tables and tile pyramid user data tables as NOT NULL (#6807, relates to ​
  • GPKG/SQLite: fix ExecuteSQL() to work with a statement with 2 SELECT and ORDER BY clause (#6832)
  • GPKG: make driver robust to difference of cases between table_name in gpkg_contents/gpkg_geometry_columns and name in sqlite_master (#6916)

ILI2 driver:

  • assign FID to features (#6839)

LIBKML driver:

  • emit style related errors as warnings to make datasets openable by SWIG bindings (#6850)

OCI driver:

  • support for long identifiers (up to 128 long) when running of 12.2 or + (#6866)

ODS driver:

  • fix FID filtering (#6788)

OpenFileGDB driver:

  • fix bug when field description offset is beyond 4GB (#6830)

PG driver:

  • avoid errors with field default expressions like 'foo'::text (#6872)

Java bindings

Perl bindings

Python bindings

Security oriented fixes

Note: this is only a very partial backport of more extensive fixes done in GDAL trunk. Credit to OSS-Fuzz for all of them (some have been found locally, so no related ticket)

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