GDAL/OGR 2.0.3 Release Notes

The 2.0.3 release is a bug fix release.


  • Windows: update mrsid driver build to find MrSID 9.5 dll
  • Unix: add support for ODBC autodetection with mingw64 (#6000)
  • Unix: When using external libjson, explictly link GDAL utilities (particularly gdalinfo that directly uses libjson) against it (#6440)
  • Compilation fix for gdalserver.c on OpenBSD (#6376)


  • Export VSICreateCachedFile() as CPL_DLL so as to enable building JP2KAK as a plugin (
  • /vsizip/: use CP437 on Windows when ICONV support is available (#6410)
  • Fix CPLsscanf() to be conformant regarding how space/tab/... separators are handled, so as to fix OGR GMT to be able to read coordinates separated by tabulations (#6453)

GDAL algorithms

  • GDALWarpOperation::CreateKernelMask(): fix potential 32 bit integer overflow when using warp memory value > 2GB (#6448)
  • thinplatespline.cpp: avoid using optimized version of VizGeorefSpline2DBase_func4() with ICC versions that fail on it (#6350)


  • GDALLoadRPCFile(): load .rpc files from Ikonos products that have extra end-of-line character (#6341)
  • Avoid ComputeStatistics(), GetHistogram() and ComputeRasterMinMax() to use only the first column of blocks in approximation mode for a raster whose shape of blocks is a square (#6378)
  • Fix GDALOverviewDataset::GetGeoTransform() to work properly with non north-up gt and different x and y rescaling factors (#6398)
  • DIMAP/Pleiades metadata reader: take into tiling to properly shift RPC (#6293)


  • gdal_translate: fix random behaviour when -scale is used without source bounds (#6455)
  • gdalbuildvrt: accept nan as value for -srcnodata and -vrtnodata (#6495)
  • Add * from gdalnumeric to eval namespace again, now in a clean way, to fix 2.0 regression that made for examle 'log10(A)' to no longer work (
  • gdal_rasterize: accept NaN as a valid value for -init / -burn (#6467)
  • explicitly set output layer geometry type to be polygon (#6530)

GDAL drivers

ECW driver:

  • fix reading of ECW in /vsi file systems (with SDK >= 4) (#6482)
  • Add configuration option ECW_ALWAYS_UPWARD=TRUE/FALSE to work around issues with "Downward" oriented images (#6516)

GeoRaster driver:

  • Fix compression=deflate read error depending on endianness (#6252)

GPKG driver:

  • write support: fix potential crash in scenarios when block cache is full (#6365)
  • write support: fix inversion of row/column in one of the SQL request involved in partial tiles management (#6339)
  • write support: fix generation of files with 1-band paletted input dataset (#6450). Also fix -co RESAMPLING=NEAREST that resulted to BILINEAR previously

GTiff driver:

  • fix RasterIO() reported when downsampling a RGBA JPEG compressed TIFF file (#6943)
  • Internal libtiff: fix 1.11 regression that prevents from reading one-strip files that have no StripByteCounts tag (#6490)

JPEGLS driver:

MBTiles driver:

  • be robust to invalid 'bounds' at dataset opening (#6458)

netCDF driver:

  • do not crash on NC4 unsigned short attributes (#6337)

PostgisRaster driver:

  • fix potential crash when one tile has a lower number of bands than the max of the table (fixes #6267)

VICAR driver:

  • fix regression regarding end-of-file labels (#6399)

VRT driver:

  • VRTWarpedDataset::SetMetadataItem(): fix crash when calling with name=SrcOvrLevel and value=NULL (#6397)
  • Warped VRT: fix deadlock in situation where warped VRT datasets are read in multiple threads and the block cache reaches saturation. Also add a GDAL_ENABLE_READ_WRITE_MUTEX config option that can be set to NO to disable the read/write mutex mechanism in cases where it would deadlock (#6400)

XYZ driver:

  • be more robust to not exactly equal X and Y spacing (#6461)

OGR core

  • OGRParseDate(): more strict validation to reject invalide dates (#6452)
  • OGR SQL: fix CAST(x AS bigint) to return an evaluated int64 node, and not int32 (#6479)
  • OGR SQL: handle 'fid' as Integer64 in where clause, and allow CAST(fid AS bigint) in selected columns (#6484)
  • SQLite dialect: fix insertion in geometry_columns of table names that are not in upper-case (#6483)
  • Fix assertion in OGRGeometryFactory::GetCurveParmeters() on degnerated CIRCULARSTRING (#6553)


  • importFromESRI(): fix import of multi line MERCATOR SRS (#6523)
  • morphToESRI(): correctly compute standard_parallel_1 of Mercator(2SP) projection from scale factor of Mercator(1SP) (#6456, #4861)

OGR utilities

  • ogr2ogr: fix -append with a source dataset with a mix of existing and non existing layers in the target datasource (#6345)

OGR drivers

Driver removed:

  • Google Maps Engine (GME) (#6261)

ElasticSearch driver:

GeoJSON driver:

  • do not 'promote' a null field to OFTString type if it had another type before (#6351)
  • ESRI Json reader: do not set field width of 2147483647 (#6529)
  • Writer: export POINT EMPTY as having a null geometry, instead as of being POINT(0 0) (#6349)

GPKG driver:

  • correct scope of gpkg_geom_XXXXX extensions to be read-write; avoid trying to insert a gpkg_geom_XXXX extension if already done (#6402)

JML driver:

  • remove arbitrary limitation preventing from reading geometries with <gml:coordinates> larger than 10 MB (#6338)

KML driver:

  • fix crash on KML files without content but with nested folders (#6486)
  • put structures of kmlutility.h inside OGRKML namespace to avoid linking conflict with Poppler on Windows that has a Attribute structure too (#6354)

LIBKML driver:

  • fix crash when reading <gx:TimeStamp> or <gx:TimeSpan> elements (#6518)

MITAB driver:

  • limit (width, precision) of numeric fields on creation to (20,16) for compatibility with MapInfo (#6392)

ODBC driver:

OpenFileGDB driver:

  • transcode UTF-16 strings found in column names, alias, etc... to UTF-8 (instead of using only their ASCII byte) (#6544)
  • add support for reading SHPT_GENERALPOINT (#6478)

OSM driver:

  • do not override 'our' osm_id (the node, way or relation id) with a tag named 'osm_id' (#6347)
  • properly deal with polygons in other_relations geometrycollection (#6475)

PG driver:

  • fix append of several layers in PG_USE_COPY mode and within transaction (ogr2ogr -append use case) (#6411)
  • fix insertion of binary/bytea content in non-copy mode (#6566)

PG/PGDump drivers:

  • in copy mode (the default on layer creation), do not truncate the concatenated string list to the field width (#6356)
  • make such that GEOMETRY_NAME layer creation option is honoured in ogr2ogr when the source geometry field has a not-null constraint (#6366)

SQLite driver:

  • fix crash on Unix systems with SQLite >= 3.10.0 when xCurrentTimeInt function is called (#6360)

VFK driver:

  • recreate DB automatically when it's outdated (#6511)

VRT driver:

  • implement CloseDependantDataset() so that exiting with proper closing of datasource doesn't crash (#6408)
  • add the mapping of wkbMultiCurve that was missing due to a copy&paste error (related to #6469)
  • do not enable passthrough filtering if redefining <FID> (#6480)

WFS driver:

XLSX driver:

  • fix reading sheets with more than > 26 columns and 'holes' (#6363)

Java bindings

Python bindings

  • Disable the warning about using deprecated wkb25DBit constant as it uses a trick that prevents the bindings from being used by py2exe / pyinstaller (#6364)
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