GDAL/OGR 1.9.1 Release Notes

The 1.9.1 release is a bug fix release.


  • fix crash with VSICachedFile::Read() for large reads (#4646)
  • Unix VSI*L: correctly set current offset after a failed read (#4583)
  • Improve OpenJDK finding logic in configure. (#4643)
  • Fix iconv configure problem on FreeBSD (#4525)
  • Fix MinGW build when pthread is also available (#4430)
  • makegdalXX.vcproj : update 71,80 and 90 version. Drop 10 version --> open the 90 version and VS2010 should convert it (#4415)

GDAL 1.9.1

  • Fix statistics computation when nodata value is +/- infinity (#4506)

  • Fix problem identifying some 8-connected polygons (#4647)


  • properly close datasets in error conditions (#4554)
  • assign color interpretation of source bands to target dataset, in the case of target VRT (#4462),

GTIFF (GeoTIFF) Driver:

  • internal libgeotiff updated from upstream to capture fix for user defined linear units (libgeotiff #51)
  • Maximize EPSG compatability where PCS is defined (#4607)
  • Better preserve and use units defined by EPSG code (libgeotiff #51)
  • ensure that rowsperstrip is never larger than ysize (#4468)

JP2KAK / JP2ECW / JP2MrSID Drivers:

  • Fix support for GMLJP2 Axis interpretation (#4657)

DIMAP2 Driver:

  • Backport support for DIMAP2 (

Northwood Driver:

  • Fix wrong file offset computation for >2GB files. (#4645)
  • avoid win32 build issue with sizeof, remove debug output (#4565)

TSX Driver:

  • fix crashes in Identify() with certain filenames, and the file is empty or doesn't exist (#4622)

HFA (Imagine) Driver:

  • fix crash on dataset closing when .ige file header is corrupted (#4596)
  • Added BASEDATA support for EPT_u1 (#4537)

HDF4 Driver:

  • add .hdf extension to the HDF4 driver metadata (#4559)

GRIB Driver:

  • fix fgetc signed/unsigned problem for Grib format VSI*L reader (#4603)

JPEG Driver:

  • don't return junk content when requesting xml:XMP but no XMP metadata is present (#4593)

Oracle GeoRaster Driver:

  • Backport various improvements.

KML Superoverlay Driver:

  • Remove code that limited generation to one zoom level (#4527)

PDF Driver:

  • Fix crashes on some PDF files with poppler >= 0.17.0 (#4520)

ISIS Driver:

  • ensure projection scaleFactor defaults to 1 (#4499)

NetCDF Driver:

  • use nc-config to detect netcdf compilation and linking parameters (#4424)
  • make sure netcdf file is in data mode in IReadBlock and only set data/define mode for datasets in update mode (#4432)

ACE2 Driver:

  • fix typo that prevented dataset to be opened with explicit /vsigzip/ (#4460)

OGR 1.9.1

OGR Core:

  • reverseWindingOrder(): don't force coordinate dimension to 3 (#4621)
  • Fix incorrect rounding in OGRFormatDouble (#4614)
  • Fix segfault when running 'ogr2ogr target src -select AFIELD -where FID=xxx' when the source layer has more than 5 fields (#4500)


  • mapped methods EPSG methods 1028 and 1029 to equidistant cylindrical (#4589)


  • Fix invalid conversion from float to integer (#4634)
  • fix incorrect result with more than 2 JOINs and SELECT with expressions with field names (#4521)
  • fix segfault on SELECT DISTINCT(foo) when first feature has NULL value for foo (#4509)


  • fix gdalrsrsinfo --formats (#4518)
  • try to open with GDAL and OGR even if argument is not a file (bug #4493)
  • Fix build of gdalsrsinfo when OGR support is disabled (#4459)


  • correctly deal with filenames that begin with 'polygon' or 'multipolygon' as arguments of -clipdst and -clipsrc (#4590)
  • fix -select with shapefile output when specified field name case doesn't match source field name case (#4502)

Shapefile Driver:

GML Driver:

  • make sure to use provided control points in linear approximation of gml:Arc (#4451)
  • be tolerant about valid constructs for empty geometries (#4473)
  • avoid point duplication concatenating gml curve segments (#4451)
  • .xsd parser: recognize type='date' or type='dateType' as a string for now (#4439)
  • make filtering of features based on OGR_GEOMETRY work (#4428)

OCI (Oracle) Driver:

  • (optionally) put back OCI index creation when layers are created (#4497)

ESRI FileGDB Driver:

  • Unix configure: fix r24125 when no --with-fgdb option is specified and there's no filegdbapi in system directory (#4570)
  • Add OBJECTID as a reserved word for FGDB field names (#4517).
  • make test for use of reserved keywords case insensitive (#4458)
  • define CLSID/EXTCLSID to fix Feature Class alias being ignored in ArcMap? (#4477)
  • do appropriate layer name laundering in CreateLayer?() (#4466)
  • implment field name laundering, avoid reserved words (#4458)

ILI (Interlis) Driver:

  • Upgraded to support reading models.

CSV Driver:

  • Fix support for empty column names in header (#4654)
  • Detect and remove UTF-8 BOM marker if found (#4623)

MITAB (MapInfo) Driver:

  • Fix support with Mollweide projection (#4628)

DXF (Autocad) Driver:

  • fix crash with TranslatePOLYLINE() with empty geometries (#4648)

PG (Postgres/PostGIS) Driver:

  • SRS evaluation for SQL layers (#4644)
  • Avoid fatal error when the public schema is absent. #4611
  • Fix bad AND priority when spatial and attribute filter are combined in PG, MySQL, SQLite and MSSpatial drivers (#4507)

Spatialite / Sqlite Driver:

  • spatial index can be used even when linking against regular SQLite (#4632)
  • make sure C locale is loaded when building spatial filter (#4631)
  • fix compilation problem with SQLite >= 3.6.0 and < 3.6.7 (#4515)
  • fix temporary names creation in OGRSQLiteVFS (#4510)

MYSQL Driver:

  • Fixed parser to swap coordiantes with geography data type (#4642)

MSSQL Spatial Driver:

INGRES Driver:

  • Bulk backport of improvements from trunk (#4567)

KML Driver:

LibKML Driver:

  • backport libkml stylemap support into 1.9 branch

VRT Driver:

  • fix OGR VRT sensitive to whitespace and <?xml> nodes (#4582)

PGEO Driver:

  • remove heuristics that tried to identify if a MDB file belonged to the PGeo or Geomedia driver. It broke the opening of valid PGeo MDB files (#4498)
  • fix crash when reading polygon with 0 rings, such as in Top25namen_07.mdb (#4441)

WFS Driver:

  • Don't trust width/precision from single sample feature (#4440)

TIGER/Line Driver:

  • Fix opening TIGER datasource by full file name (#4443)

XLS Driver:

  • fix behaviour of OGRXLSLayer::DetectColumnTypes?() in -O2 optimization level (#4423)
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