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GDAL/OGR 1.7.1

The 1.7.1 release was prepared and issued primarily to deal with ticket #3382, relating to the fact that GDAL 1.7 has had a significant regression in that all Erdas Imagine (HFA/.img) files produced are unreadable by non-GDAL software including released versions of ArcGIS and Erdas Imagine. Following is a list of all bug fixes since the 1.7.0 release.


  • MacOS X: Support versioning for framework builds (#2661)
  • FreeBSD: fix --with-threads configuring (#3348)

GDAL / Raster

  • HFA/Imagine: Fix very serious 1.7 bug with blank layer names which was producing .img files unreadable in non-GDAL software (#3382)
  • HFA: Ensure nodata values carried into overviews (#2855)
  • HFA: Fix support for files with nonstandard mapunits (#3338)
  • NITF: Improve NITF spec compliance when generating JPEG compression (#3345)
  • NITF: Improve dateline handling for CADRG products (#3383)
  • NITF: Return GCPPROJECTIONX metadata when we can't transform polar (#3337)
  • GeoRaster: Avoid error messages when looking up epsg codes (#3326)
  • DODS / GDALCopyWords(): Fix bug with negative offsets/flipping (#3388)
  • PCIDSK: Fix new bug with UTM MGRS zone handling (#3379)
  • PDS: Fix up offset support for detached labels (#3355)
  • support per band init values (#3354)
  • ECW: Fix one broken case in configure logic (#3343)
  • RasterLite: Fix crash on 32bit platforms (#3339)
  • NetCDF: Prevent CreateCopy() of complex bands (r18602)
  • HDF4: Fix buffer overflow with GeodeticLatitude (r18601)

OGR / Vector

  • SQLite: TestCapability() returns TRUE for transation support (#3394)
  • DXF: Support polylines in Object Coordinate System (#3372)
  • MIF/ogr2ogr: Fix new problem translating to MIF format (#3384)
  • GeoJSON: Support stdout output via new /vsistdout/ name (#3381)
  • Shapefile: Fixes for winding calculations on read and write (#3363, #3356)
  • Postgres: Get field width and precision from SQL queries (#3349)
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