GDAL/OGR 1.11.2 Release Notes

The 1.11.2 release is a bug fix release.


  • configure: fix detection of OCI by changing linking order to please modern GCC (#5550)
  • configure: fix test to accept MariaDB 10.X as valid MySQL (#5722)
  • More compiler warnings addressed (#5414)
  • Windows build of PDF: fix compilation issue with Visual Studio 2012 (#5744)
  • Windows build: Add support for MrSID 9.1 SDK (#5814)
  • Windows build: when building netCDF, HDF4, HDF5 as plugins, call registration of 'sub-drivers' GMT, HDF4Image and HDF5Image (#5802)


  • CSV finder: Stop probing for csv/horiz_cs.csv. (#5698)
  • /vsicurl/: avoid reading after end-of-file and fix failure when reading more than 16MB in a single time (#5786)
  • CPLHexToBinary(): faster implementation (#5812)

GDAL Core and algorithms

  • Make GetMaskBand() work with GDT_UInt16 alpha bands (#5692)
  • Fix 32bit overflow in GDALRasterBand::IRasterIO() (#5713)
  • RPC transformer: take into account nodata in RPC DEM (#5680)
  • RPC transformer: add RPC_DEM_MISSING_VALUE transformer option to avoid failure when there's no DEM at the transformed point (#5730)
  • Fix GDALSuggestedWarpOutput() wrong extent in some circumstances (e.g. dataset of big dimension with world coordinates) (#5693)
  • Fix crash when calling GetTiledVirtualMem() on non-Linux platform (#5728)
  • warp: fix integer overflow when reprojecting into an area with (part of) bounds completely outside of the source projection (#5789)
  • OpenCL warper: fix OpenCL code compilation with NVIDIA OpenCL (#5772)


  • gdalwarp: initialize destination dataset to no_data value when automatically propagating source nodata (#5675)
  • gdalwarp: only apply INIT_DEST when processing the first input dataset (#5387)
  • gdaldem: avoid too large files to be produced when using -co COMPRESS=xxxx -co TILED=YES (#5678)

GDAL drivers

GRASS driver:

  • fix compilation issues against GRASS 7 (#2953)

GIF driver:

  • fix crash on images without color table (#5792)
  • validate the size of the graphic control extension block (#5793)

GTiff driver:

  • Internal overviews: for near, average, gauss, and pixel interleaving, make sure to use the same code path for compressed vs uncompressed overviews (#5701)
  • allow lossless copying of CMYK JPEG into JPEG-in-TIFF (#5712)
  • when overriding metadata in update mode, make sure to clear it from PAM file (#5807)
  • fix GTiffRasterBand::DirectIO() to work with TIFF files with multiple directories (overviews, masks) (#5831)
  • Internal libtiff: partial (mostly security related fixes) upgrade to 4.0.4beta (#5830)

ISIS3 driver:

JP2OpenJPEG driver:

  • add compatibility with OpenJPEG 2.1 (#5579)

JPEG driver:

  • Report non-fatal libjpeg errors as CE_Warning (or CE_Failure if GDAL_ERROR_ON_LIBJPEG_WARNING = TRUE) (#5667)

KMLSuperOverlay driver:

  • remove useless and unreliable computations on floating point numbers that caused issues (truncated raster) on 32bit (#5683)

USGSDEM driver:

  • take into account horizontal unit = ft in the UTM case (#5819)

VRT driver:

  • fix RasterIO() to be able to fill buffers larger than 2GB (#5700, #5734)

OGR core

  • ogr_core.h: only ignore -Wfloat-equal for IsInit() and not for the rest of the file and files that inc it (#5299)
  • OGR layer algebra: properly initialize field maps to avoid Valgrind warnings in OGRLayer::Update() (#5778)

OGR drivers

CSV driver:

  • fix segfault when reading allCountries.txt of (#5668)


  • avoid emitting error when opening a FileGDB v9, so that OpenFileGDB can be tried to open it, in the case FileGDB is a plugin (#5674)

GeoJSON driver:

  • ESRIJson: parse correctly rings of esriGeometryPolygon objects to build correct Polygon or MultiPolygon (#5538)

GML driver:

  • Fix incorrect geometry cast when reading GML topogeometries (#5715)
  • Update GFS files for RUIAN (UVOH & OB) (#5770)

LIBKML driver:

  • when skipped, fix segfault on second OGRRegisterAll() call (#5775)
  • do not delete the libkml singleton factory (linked to #5775)

MapInfo File driver:

  • Add GDA94 datum entries to the lookup table (#5671)
  • fix segfault in CreateFeature() if passing an invalid OGR feature style string (#1209)

MSSQL driver:

  • Fix recognizing image columns as geometry columns for the select layers. (#5498)
  • Fix issue when creating non-spatial table (#5696)
  • Fix to read metadata if the tables are specified in the connection string (#5796)
  • Fix invalid use of CSLAddString() in OGR MSSQL (#5810)
  • Fix crash if the tablename is specified in the connection string (#5826)

MySQL driver:

  • don't be dependant on locale when building spatial filter (#5720)

NAS driver:

  • make chevrons configurable by NAS_INDICATOR (#5708)

OCI driver:

  • Initialize member variable to avoid UpdateLayerExtents() to be called randomly on non spatial tables (#5376)
  • fix FID (multi_load=off, OGRNullFID) - start with 1 (not -1) (#5454)

OpenFileGDB driver:

  • fix ResetReading() on SQL layer with ORDER BY on indexed column (#5669)
  • add support for non spatial GDB v9 tables (#5673)

PG driver:

  • fix GDAL 1.11.0 regression that prevented to retrieve more than 500 features from a connection with tables= parameter and on a SQL result layer (#5837)

SQLite/Spatialite driver:

  • remove 'T' suffix when formatting the content of a Date field (#5672)
  • fix segmentation fault when executing OGR2SQLITE_Register() when compiling against sqlite 3.8.7 (#5725)
  • make GetFIDColumn() work when run as first method call (#5781)

VRT driver:

XLSX driver:

  • fix column numbering when there are more than 26 columns (#5774)

SWIG Language Bindings

Python bindings:

  • Fix hang of Python in case of repeated call to gdal/ogr.UseExceptions() and CE_Warning emitted (#5704)
  • fix processing error of ogr_python.i with SWIG 3 (#5795)
  • NUMPY driver: avoid returning CE_None in GetGeoTransform() when there's no geotransform set (#5801)
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