GDAL/OGR 1.11.0 Release Notes

In a nutshell…

New installed files

  • bin/ogrlineref
  • lib/pkgconfig/gdal.pc
  • data/gml_registry.xml
  • data/inspire_cp_CadastralParcel.gfs
  • data/inspire_cp_BasicPropertyUnit.gfs
  • data/inspire_cp_CadastralBoundary.gfs
  • data/inspire_cp_CadastralZoning.gfs
  • data/ruian_vf_ob_v1.gfs
  • data/ruian_vf_st_v1.gfs
  • data/ogrvrt.xsd

Backward compatibility issues

GDAL/OGR 1.11.0 - General Changes


  • add Unix configure support for SOSI
  • remove pointers to old ver of ingres library files
  • add --with-libjson-c configure option to build against external libjson-c (>= 0.11) (#4676)
  • compilation fixes for iOS (#5197, #5198)
  • update to autoconf 2.69
  • add pkg-config gdal.pc (#3470)
  • configure for FileGDB: add explicit linking to libfgdbunixrtl (requires FileGDB SDK >= 1.2) (#5215); also try .dylib extension (#5221)
  • fix so that Java installs are found on the MAC to enable the MDB driver (#5267)
  • fix compilation with recent MySQL versions (5.6 for example) (#5284)
  • support --with-jp2mrsid with standalone Kakadu with MRSID v8 or later
  • Fix parallel build in Python bindings (#5346)
  • PCIDSK: don't link against libjpeg if configured --without-jpeg
  • Update configure script to pick up ECW JP2 SDK 5.1 (#5390)
  • add a 'make install' target for the Java bindings (#5424)
  • add Vagrant configuration


  • add option to generate VC project for x64 on makegdal_gen.bat
  • nmake.opt: add WITH_PDB=1 option to optionaly generate .pdb file on Release builds (#5420)
  • add support for building the OGR SOSI driver as a plugin (#3638)
  • add support for building the HDF4 driver as plugin (#5294)
  • add support for MrSID v9
  • Remove makegdalXX.bat generated files

GDAL 1.11.0 - Overview of Changes


  • vsisubfile: fix Eof() behaviour to be POSIX compliant, so that the shapefile reader can read the last feature when using /vsitar (#5093)
  • vsicache: fix for 32bit binaries when file size is over 2GB (#5170)
  • vsicache: add optional nChunkSize and nCacheSize parameters to VSICreateCachedFile()
  • vsicurl: add CPL_VSIL_CURL_USE_HEAD config option to disable use of CURL HEAD for other services like mapbox (likely lame python http implementations)
  • vsitar: avoid infinite loop in case of invalid .tar structure
  • vsizip: fix path separator in CPLFormFilename
  • vsizip: allow additional extensions listed in CPL_VSIL_ZIP_ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS config option.
  • vsizip: improve UTF-8 support of filenames inside ZIP file (#5361)
  • vsizip: fix ZIP64 support
  • vsigzip: reset EOF flag when doing a Seek() to be POSIX compliant
  • curl: add .netrc support
  • Windows CPLGetSymbol(): avoid dialog boxes to pop up when a DLL or one of its dependencies does not exist (#5211)
  • Add CPLOPrintf() and CPLOvPrintf() functions for easy CPLString formatting
  • CPLBase64DecodeInPlace() : fix to be robust to malformed base64 strings
  • CPLQuadTree: add CPLQuadTreeInsertWithBounds() where the pfnGetBounds is not needed.
  • CPLQuadTree: fix potential infinite recursion when inserting several points with identical coordinates in the mode with limited bucket size
  • Protect concurrent calls to setlocale() by a mutex (#5366)


  • RFC 45: GDAL datasets and raster bands as virtual memory mapping
  • GDALRasterBand::GetHistogram(): ignore nodata values (#4750, #5289)
  • allow auto loading of drivers to be disabled via config option
  • PAM .aux.xml and VRT: serialize Z component of a GCP as 'Z' attribute, for consistency, instead of GCPZ that could not be read back previously. In reading code, try reading 'Z' and if not found try 'GCPZ' (#5326)
  • JPEG2000: Add GDALGeorefPamDataset and GDALJP2AbstractDataset classes and use them in JP2KAK, JP2ECW, JP2OpenJPEG, JPEG2000 and MrSID drivers so that PAM georeferencing consistently overrides internal georeferencing
  • GDALDataset::IRasterIO(): don't use BlockBasedRasterIO() when INTERLEAVE=PIXEL if the request band count is just 1
  • CopyWholeRaster(): make default GDAL_SWATH_SIZE to 1/4 of GDAL_CACHEMAX instead of hard-coded value of 10 MB
  • don't report empty RAT on GDALGetDefaultRAT() (#5232)
  • modify GDALGCPsToGeotransform() to do the regression in normalized coordinates to make the math more stable.
  • expose new GDALComposeGeoTransforms() function.
  • GDALDefaultOverviews::HaveMaskFile(): avoid fetching .ovr file
  • JPEG2000: Fix reading georeferencing from some JPEG2000 files with duplicated GeoTIFF JP2Box (#5249)
  • Cleanup raster block mutex (#5296)
  • Driver registration: move JPEG2000 (Jasper based) after MrSID JPEG2000 support


  • warper: fix regression with lanczos resampling when yradius > xradius (#5058)
  • warper: Make GDALCreateGenImgProjTransformer2() and GDALCreateGenImgProjTransformer3() fail when the creation of the reprojection transformer fails
  • warper: Fix warping when input pixel size is too close to 0 (#5190)
  • warper: revise formula of cubic resampling kernel, and a few optimizations (#5209)
  • warper: added DST_METHOD and support for GCP and TPS dest
  • warper: add support for DST_METHOD=RPC
  • warper: fix mode and near resampling corner computation (#5311)
  • warper: GDALGenImgProjTransform(): don't set panSuccess[i] to 1 in the middle of the function, if an intermediate transform before has set the flag to 0
  • warper: fix cutline blending (#5343)
  • warper: Average/mode kernels: make them less sensitive to numerical precision issues (#5350)
  • warper: Average/mode kernels: avoid 'holes' when the source coordinates are in a reversed order from the target coordinates (#5433)
  • warper: provide prototypes and work around strict compiler requirements on some opencl platforms (#5400)
  • RPC: fix for computation of adfGTFromLL (#5395)
  • TPS: optimization for GCC x86_64 that make computation about twice faster with huge number of GCPs
  • TPS: when using Armadillo to solve the coefficients, use solve(A,B) instead of inv(A)xB to faster resolution
  • TPS: compute direct and inverse transformations in parallel when warping option NUM_THREADS or GDAL_NUM_THREADS config. options are set to > 1
  • Geoloc: fix wrong bilinear interpolation in GDALGeoLocTransform() (#5305)
  • Geoloc: fail transformation of coordinates that is located on a nodata place of the geoloc array
  • rasterize: preliminary support for MERGE_ALG=ADD for heatmaps
  • gdal_grid: Add AVX optimized version of GDALGridInverseDistanceToAPower2NoSmoothingNoSearch
  • fill_nodata: GDALFillNodata(): Fix use of uninitialized memory and integer overflows (#4010, #5203)
  • rpc: Fix out-of-bounds read in RPC dem cubic interpolation


  • gdalinfo: add -listmdd and -mdd all options (#5275)
  • gdal_translate: add a -exponent option to be used with -scale
  • gdal_translate: fix output file naming scheme in gdal_translate -sds (#5119)
  • gdal_translate: fix logic in detection non-gray color table level (#5245)
  • gdal_translate: add a -norat option
  • gdal_translate: don't add 0.1 when -scale is used with a dstmin equal to dstmax (usefull to generate a raster with uniform color, i.e. scaleRatio = 0)
  • gdal_translate: use floor() to compute image coordinates from world coordinates when specifying -projwin (usefull when extracting from left or top of upper-left corner, which generate negative image coordinates) (#5367)
  • gdaltindex: remove annoying warning 'Warning 1: Field location of width 255 truncated to 254' (#5121)
  • gdaltindex: add -src_srs_name and -src_srs_format to go with MapServer RFC100; add also a -f and -lyr_name options to be able to create a non-shapefile tileindex
  • gdalwarp: Fix segfault where metadata values weren't being nullchecked properly during conflict resolution (#5069)
  • gdalwarp: honor -s_srs when using cutline (#5081)
  • gdalwarp: copy nodata values from source to dest if -dstnodata is not given ; add option to not set dest nodata with -dstnodata None (#5087)
  • gdalwarp: do not return a non-zero exit status for warnings
  • gdalwarp: prevent from copying statistics metadata (#5319)
  • gdal_rasterize: set the progress bar to 100% even when there's nothing to do
  • gdal_grid: add support for diffferent types of geometries (#5341)
  • gdal_grid: add -z_increase and -z_multiply options
  • gdaldem: check that value of -z, -s, -az and -alt is numeric
  • gdalbuildvrt: validate values of -srcnodata and -vrtnodata arguments
  • Corrected OpenLayers code to reflect fix to geodetic resolution factor
  • add --tmscompatible flag so as to produce 2 tiles at zoom level 0 in geodetic profile
  • Use python tempfile logic to avoid permissions issues with cwd (#5079)
  • add a -ro option for drivers refusing to use the dataset in update-mode.
  • add --allBands options (#5388)
  • Add vsipreload.cpp that can be compiled as a shared library that can be LD_PRELOAD'ed as an overload of libc to enable VSI Virtual FILE API to be used with binaries using regular libc for I/O
  • Add the sample utility to be able to set the MapServer WCS virtual dataset parameters from a tileindex with rasters of mixed SRS (linked to MapServer RFC100)
  • move to scripts
  • ensure image dimensions match
  • Fix issue with UTF-8 characters

Multi driver changes:

  • JPEG2000 drivers: take into account PixelIsPoint in GeoJP2 boxes, and expose AREA_OR_POINT=Point (#5437)
  • JP2KAK, JP2ECW, JP2OpenJPEG, JPEG2000 CreateCopy(): take into account AREA_OR_POINT=Point if present to write GeoJP2 box (#5437)


  • revert DECIMAL_PRECISION and add SIGNIFICANT_DIGITS to CreateCopy() (#3732)


  • Turn off errors that can be triggered if the info has no VAT table related with this coverage (#3031)

BAG driver:

  • Recognise falseNorthing=10000000 as UTM South (#5152)

DIMAP driver:

  • fix memleak in error-code path

DTED driver:

  • Speed optimization to be more friendly with CPU cache in GDAL_DTED_SINGLE_BLOCK=YES mode

ECW driver:

  • fix crash in GDALDeregister_ECW() with ECW SDK 5 called from GDALDestroy() (#5214)
  • fix issue with ECW_CLEVER optimization when nPixelSpace != sizeof eBufDataType (#5262)

Envisat driver:

  • implement more reliable way of extracting GCPs from Meris tie-points (#5423)
  • add DEM corrections of TP-ADS products when present (#5423)
  • workaround dateline discontinuity in GCPs so they can be used with GDAL warping transformers (#5423)

ERS driver:

  • fix wrong interpretation of RegistrationCellX/RegistrationCellY (#2612, #3056, #5075)

GeoRaster driver:

  • fix RPC support (#4038)
  • fix read error when reading from pyramids (#5076)
  • make regular table and secure file a default for RDT (#5127)
  • fix error when reading NBIT pyramid levels (#5199)
  • show the VAT as RAT (#5200)
  • fix reading and writing of statistics metadata (#5237)
  • add generate pyramid create options (#5288)
  • fix incorrect geotransform interpretation when there is no SRS (#5323)

GRASS driver:

  • fix compilation issues for GRASS 7

GRIB driver:

  • display temperature unit as deg Celcius in metadata (#3606)

GTiff driver:

  • when compiling against internal libtiff, in read-only mode, optimization to avoid fetching the whole Strip/TileCounts and Strip/TileOffsets arrays
  • add validation of source overview characteristics with COPY_SRC_OVERVIEWS (#5059)
  • convert invalid TIFFTAG_RESOLUTIONUNIT=0 to 1(Unknown) (#5069)
  • fix potential issues in gt_citation.cpp / CheckUTM()
  • upgrade internal libtiff to latest CVS
  • implement reading and writing of ICC profiles (#5246)
  • make SetColorInterpretation() round-trip with GetColorInterpreation(); read color interpretation from PAM if it exists (overrides internal tiff color interpretation); set TIFFTAG_PHOTOMETRIC=PHOTOMETRIC_RGB if calling SetColorInterpretation() with R,G,B and no explicit PHOTOMETRIC creation option defined
  • gt_wkt_srs.cpp: fix compilation with external libgeotiff. The file is dependant of quite a few CPL stuff, don't try to pretend otherwise
  • implement GetVirtualMemAuto() for some formulations of TIFF files (RFC 45)
  • fix reading a single-strip TIFF file where the single strip is bigger than 2GB (32bit builds only) (#5403)
  • look for .tab file before .wld/.tfw

GTX driver:

  • Add nodata support (#4660)

HDF4 driver:

  • Skip "SceneLineNumber" table if present in the list of geolocation fields of ASTER L1A dataset.

HDF5 driver:

  • add support for ODIM H5 georeferencing method (#5032)
  • set SRS GEOGCS in all cases (reverts r25801 and closes #4160)
  • support HDF5 NATIVE_SCHAR type, subdatsets without PAM (#5088)
  • release all opened handles so the file is closed at dataset closing (#5103)
  • better deal with dimensions of CSK-L1A HDF5 subdatasets (#4227)
  • avoid segmentation fault when H5Sget_simple_extent_ndims() returns negative value (#5291)

HFA driver:

  • add minimally tested support for u2 and u4 data in basedata
  • use direct binning for thematic layers and real instead of integer for values (#5066)
  • add a HFA_COMPRESS_OVR config option to select whether to create compressed overviews (#4866)
  • fix rewriting of statics in existing HFA file where base data value is 8-bit (#5175)
  • implement re-writing existing histogram in HFA file, after raster editing (#5176)
  • avoid segfaults when creating a Imagine dataset with an invalid WKT (#5258)
  • expose color columns in RAT as Integer with values in range [0-255] instead of Real with values [0-1] (#5362)
  • report histogram column as GFU_PixelCount instead of GFU_Generic (#5359)
  • ensure histogram column written as float for HFA when using RAT API (#5382)

Idrisi driver:

  • Improve coordinate system handling and min/max statistics (#4980)

IRIS driver:

  • add height information on bands; rename dataset metadata item CAPPI_HEIGHT --> CAPPI_BOTTOM_HEIGHT (#5104)
  • IRIS: add support for two bytes data (#5431)

JP2ECW driver:

  • fix problem with JP2 write with SDK v5
  • fix issue with ECW_CLEVER optimization when nPixelSpace != sizeof eBufDataType (#5262)
  • avoid writing dummy GeoJP2 box when source dataset has no georeferencing (#5306)

JP2KAK driver:

  • preliminary support for Kakadu V7.x
  • fix creation of unsigned int16 with reversible compression (#4050)
  • on Windows, use VSI cache for I/O by default, instead Kakadu own I/O layer
  • remove extension from 12bit to 16bit (#5328)

JP2OpenJPEG driver:

  • avoid 'Empty SOT marker detected: Psot=12.' warning to be repeated several times
  • add support for encoding GCPs in a GeoJP2 box (#5279)
  • avoid writing dummy GeoJP2 box when source dataset has no georeferencing (#5306)

JPEG driver:

  • add autodetection of bitmasks that are msb ordered (#5102)
  • avoid memory leak when GDALOpen'ing() a JPEG through a http:// URL, and make it possible to access its overviews
  • return YCbCrK raw data for YCbCrK JPEG in GDAL_JPEG_TO_RGB = NO mode (instead of CMYK as before) (#5097)
  • implement reading and writing of ICC profiles (#5246)
  • internal libjpeg: apply patch for CVE-2013-6629
  • allow fallback to PAM to read GCPs
  • give priority to PAM GeoTransform if it exists and other source of geotransform (.wld, .tab) also exists (#5352)

KMLSuperOverlay driver:

  • recognize an alternate structure for raster KMZ file made of a single doc.kml

and tiles whose name pattern is kml_image_L{level}_{j}_{i}.{png|jpg}

  • fix horrible speed performance in Open() (#5094)
  • fix crash at dataset closing and inability to read some big PNG tiles (#5154)
  • fix to generate files validating against OGC KML 2.2 schema
  • put Style into conformity with ATC 7
  • remove Region in root KML (ATC 41)
  • add NAME and DESCRIPTION creation options; read them back as metadata
  • add ALTITUDE and ALTITUDEMODE creation options
  • directly write into .kmz file (instead of in temporary location)
  • correctly write directories entry in .kmz file
  • add progress callback

L1B driver:

  • report correct values for GCP (#2403)
  • report more GCPS than before
  • implement geolocation array
  • add fetching of record metadata in .csv file
  • add subdatasets with solar zenith angles, cloud coverage
  • recognize NOAA-9/14 datasets whose dataset name in TBM header is encoded in EBCDIC and not in ASCII (#2848)
  • support opening a few NOAA <= 9 datasets that have no dataset name in the TBM header

LCP driver:

MBTiles driver:

  • avoid failure when there's no tile at the center of the maximum zoom level (#5278)

MEM driver:

  • Create(): use calloc() instead of malloc()+memset() for faster creation of huge in-memory datasets

NetCDF driver:

  • fix to read netcdf-4 files with UBYTE data (#5053)
  • fix reading large netcdf-4 files with chunking and DEFLATE compression
  • fix netcdf chunking when creating file with > 2 dims ; add CHUNKING creation option (#5082 )
  • fix duplicate nodata metadata when using CreateCopy() (#5084)
  • fix copying large metadata in netcdf driver (#5113)
  • fix netcdf geotransform detection (#5114)
  • fix netcdf driver irregular grids management (#5118 and #4513)
  • only call nc_close on a valid netcdf id when closing dataset
  • try and identify .grd (and .nc3) files in netcdf-4 format (#5291), so they are identified before the hdf5 driver

NITF driver:

  • fix to support reading horizontal and/or vertical mono-block uncompressed images, even when the number of columns is <= 8192 (#3263)
  • update NITF Series list with new entries from MIL-STD-2411_1_CHG-3.pdf (#5353)
  • allow JP2KAK to be used as the JPEG2000 compression engine in the CreateCopy() case (#5386)

PDF driver:

  • Avoid reporting a Poppler error as a GDAL error on some newer USGS GeoPDF files (#5201)
  • PDF writing: automatically adjust DPI in case the page dimension exceeds the 14400 maximum value (in user units) allowed by Acrobat (#5412)

PDS driver:

  • Parse correctly MISSING_CONSTANT = 16#FF7FFFFB# as a IEEE754 single precision float expressed in hexadecimal; add support for ENCODING_TYPE = ZIP (data file compressed in a ZIP); recognize IMAGE_MAP_PROJECTION as an object included in UNCOMPRESSED_FILE object (#3939)

PNG driver:

  • Implement reading and writing of ICC profiles (#5246)

PostgisRaster driver:

  • Speed-up dataset opening (#5046).
  • Multi-tile multi-band caching added.
  • Smarter use of the information advertized in raster_columns view.
  • Avoid full table scan in situations without PKID/GIST indices.
  • Use of quadtree.

Rasdaman driver:

  • caching of tiles for datasets with more than one band (#5298)
  • connections are now kept for a whole session (#5298)
  • fixing connection-string regex (#5298)
  • fixing possible memory leaks (#5298)

Rasterlite driver:

  • fix resolution check typo in rasterlite driver

Raw drivers:

  • implement GetVirtualMemAuto() (RFC 45)
  • IRasterIO(): add special behaviour to avoid going to block based IO when the dataset has INTERLEAVE=PIXEL and is elligible to direct I/O access pattern
  • allow direct I/O access even if a small proportion of scanlines are loaded (improve QGIS use case where the overview display will load sparse scanlines, which would prevent direct I/O at full resolution afterwards)
  • fix optimized RasterIO() when doing sub-sampling with non standard buffer pixel offset (#5438)

RMF driver:

  • fix decompression of 24-bit RMF DEM (#5268)

RPFTOC driver:

  • fix potential crash on some datasets when selecting the color palette (#5345)

SAGA driver:

  • add read/write support for .prj files (#5316)

SRP driver:

  • read TRANSH01.THF file to establish subdatasets (#5297)

VRT driver:

  • Implement non-linear scaling with a power function (addition of Exponent, SrcMin, SrcMax, DstMin, DstMax sub-elements in <ComplexSource>)
  • Preserve 64bit integer image offsets (#5086)
  • Make sure that VRTSourcedRasterBand::AddMaskBandSource() takes into account specified window (#5120)
  • Make GDALAutoCreateWarpedVRT() return NULL when GDALSuggestedWarpOutput() fails
  • VRTDataset::IRasterIO(): use source DatasetRasterIO even if band count is 1
  • VRTWarped: avoid setting up relative paths for things that aren't file-like
  • make relativeToVRT=1 work with NITF_IM:, NETCDF:, HDF5:, RASTERLITE:

WCS driver:

  • ensure C locale is enforced before parsing floating point values

WMS driver:

  • accept 'WMS:http://server/?SRS=EPSG:XXXX' syntax to select the preferred SRS in which to fetch layers
  • CPLHTTPFetchMulti(): avoid doing a timeout-only select when there are no file descriptor to wait on (can happen when doing a file:// URL)
  • allow cache location to be specified with GDAL_DEFAULT_WMS_CACHE_PATH configuration option if not provided in the XML (#4540)
  • Update to be able to understand slight changes in formatting of JSon output of ArcGIS mapserver protocol

XYZ driver:

  • accept datasets that have missing values at beginning and/or end of lines, such as MNT250_L93_FRANCE.XYZ
  • fix detection when there are only integral values with comma field separator
  • reopen with 'rb' flags for Windows happyness

OGR 1.11.0 - Overview of Changes


  • GEOS support: require GEOS >= 3.1.0 and use the _r API of GEOS to avoid issues with the global GEOS error handlers
  • exportToWkb(): ISO WKB generation with wkbVariant option (#5330)
  • geocoding: when getting several answers from server for a query, report geometries on second, third, etc.. feature, and not only first one (#5057)
  • allow auto loading of drivers to be disabled via config option
  • remove obsolete OGRGeometryFactory::getGEOSGeometryFactory()
  • OGRGeometryFactory::organizePolygons() in DEFAULT method: fix a case with 2 outer rings that are touching by the first point of the smallest one
  • OGRGeometryFactory::organizePolygons(): optimization in ONLY_CCW case
  • OGRGeometryFactory::organizePolygons(): Add an experimental mode : CCW_INNER_JUST_AFTER_CW_OUTER
  • OGRLineString::segmentize() : don't set 0 as z for interpolated points, but the z from the previous point
  • OGRLineString::setNumPoints() : add an optional argument to avoid zeroizing the arrays
  • Add OGRLineString::setZ()
  • Add OGRLineString::Project() and OGRLineString::getSubline()
  • OGRPolygon: add stealExteriorRing() and stealInteriorRing(int iRing)
  • OGRLinearRing::isClockwise(): optimizations and make it work in a degenerated case when a vertex is used several times in the vertex list (#5342)
  • OGRLinearRing::isPointOnRingBoundary() : optimizations and take into account bTestEnvelope
  • Add OGR_G_SetPointCount and OGR_G_SetPoints functions to API C (#5357)
  • OGREnvelope3D::Contains(): fix incorrect test
  • Layer algebra: fix handling of method field mapping to output fields when output fields are precreated (#5089)
  • Layer algebra: when an error condition is skipped, call CPLErrorReset() (#5269)
  • OGRLayer::GetFeature(): make sure that the behaviour is not influenced by attribute or spatial filters in the generic implementation; upgrade OGDI, PG, MySQL, MSSQLSpatial, OCI, SDE, PGeo, ODBC, WALK, IDB, SQLite and Ingres driver (#5309)
  • introduce OGRLayer::FindFieldIndex() / OGR_L_FindFieldIndex() to lookup potentially laundered field names (RFC 42)
  • OGR SQL: upgrade to support RFC 41 (multiple geometry fields)
  • OGR SQL: more stricter checks
  • OGR SQL: make parsing error report a usefull hint where the syntax error occured
  • OGR SQL: fix thread-safety of swq_op_registrar::GetOperator() (#5196)
  • OGR SQL: support not explicitely specifying AS keyword for aliasing a column spec
  • OGR SQL: don't call CONCAT(a_column ...) or SUBSTR(a_column ...) as a_column
  • OGR SQL: validate that arguments of MAX, MIN, AVG, SUM, COUNT are columns and not any expression since this is not supported
  • OGR SQL: make AVG field definition a OFTReal
  • OGR SQL: implement MIN(), MAX() and AVG() on a date (#5333)
  • OGR SQL: fix SELECT * on a layer with a field that has a dot character (#5379)
  • SQL SQLITE dialect: Make it available to all OGR drivers that have a specialized ExecuteSQL() implementation


  • Upgrade to EPSG 8.2 database
  • identify LCC_2SP instead of LCC_1SP if lat_0==lat_1 and lat_2 is present (#5191)
  • add a variety of linear units to proj4 parsing (#5370)
  • Fix crash in CleanupESRIDatumMappingTable() if it is called twice (#5090)
  • fix order of AXIS and UNIT nodes in a VERT_CS node (#5105)
  • ecw_cs.wkt: add missing TOWGS84[-168,-60,320,0,0,0,0] to NTF datum (#5145)
  • fix OGRSpatialReference::importFromProj4() to work with non-C locale (#5147)
  • morph central_latitude to latitude_of_origin in morphFromESRI() (#3191)
  • OGRProj4CT: avoid using proj when the 2 projections are actually identical (#5188)
  • add sanity checks in OGR_SRSNode::importFromWkt() (#5193)
  • VERT_CS: when importing from proj.4 put AXIS node after UNIT; COMPD_CS: when importing from EPSG:x+y, set a more meaningfull name for the COMPD_CS node
  • OGRSpatialReference::Validate() : in addition to hand-validation, use WKT grammar from OGC 01-009 CT
  • preserve authority when importing +init=auth_name:auth_code (e.g. +init=IGNF:LAMB93)


  • ogrlineref: new utility to deal with linear geometries.
  • ogrinfo: upgrade to support RFC 41 (multiple geometry fields)
  • ogr2ogr: upgrade to support RFC 41 (multiple geometry fields)
  • ogr2ogr: bump default value for -gt from 200 to 20000 (#5391)
  • ogr2ogr: add -addfields option to add new fields found in a source layer into an existing layer ; add -unsetFieldWidth option to unset field with and precision; add -dim layer_dim option to force the coordinate dimension of geometries to match the one of the layer geometry type
  • ogr2ogr: Check that -t_srs is also specified when -s_srs is specified
  • ogr2ogr: add an explicit error message to report FID of feature that couldn't be inserted when CreateFeature() fails
  • ogr2ogr: make relaxed lookup optional and add a switch -relaxedFieldNameMatch to allow it (RFC 42)
  • ogr2ogr: make sure that the progress bar reaches 100% when converting OSM
  • ogr2ogr: make sure that target dataset is properly closed when a CreateFeature() fails (so that truncated shapefiles have their header file properly updated)
  • Sample Python script to dispatch features into layers according to the value of some fields or the geometry type
  • sync with ogrinfo (RFC 41)
  • port -nlt PROMOTE_TO_MULTI option from ogr2ogr.cpp (#5139)

CSV driver:

  • avoid erroneously reset of file content when opening in update mode a file without header (#5161)
  • upgrade to support RFC 41 in read/write (multiple geometry fields)
  • allow backslash doublequote to load (#5318)

DGN driver:

  • DGN writing: added polygon inner ring (holes) writing and MSLink writing (#5381)

DXF driver:

  • fix writing of 25D linestring where z is not constant (#5210)
  • fix writing of POLYLINE objects (#5217, #5210)
  • accept reading files starting with a TABLES section (#5307)
  • support reading 3DFACE and SOLID (#5380) entities
  • fix an error when processing clockwise circle arc (#5182)
  • avoid building an invalid polygon when edges cannot be reassembled: turn it into a multilinestring
  • use CPLAtof() instead of atof() to avoid issues with locales
  • fix linear approximation of circular and elliptic arc in HATCH boundaries (#5182)

DWG driver:

  • add support for reading AcDb3dPolyline (#5260)
  • fix linear approximation of circular and elliptic arc in HATCH boundaries (#5182)

FileGDB driver:

  • implement IgnoreFields API to speed-up a bit the conversion of a sub-set of fields when there's a huge amount of them (e.g. Tiger database).
  • when writing <Length> of an attribute, use size in bytes (#5192)
  • implement ref counting of the FileGDB SDK API' Geodatabase* object to avoid issues on Linux 64bit with interleaved opening and closing of databases (#4270)
  • honour update flag to determine which operations are allowed or not
  • add a driver global mutex to protect all calls as the FileGDB API SDK is not thread-safe at all
  • add a COLUMN_TYPES layer creation option to override default column types; support reading/writing XML column types
  • optimize GetFeatureCount() and GetExtent() when there are filters set
  • set the default width for string fields to 65536. The width can be configured with the FGDB_STRING_WIDTH configuration option
  • fix creation and writing of Binary fields; enable reading
  • add a CREATE_MULTIPATCH creation option

FME driver:

  • fix Linux compilation

GeoJSON driver:

  • recognize alternate formats such as the ones of
  • add read support for TopoJSON
  • upgrade internal libjson-c to json-c 0.11 (#4676)
  • report integer values that are int64 as strings
  • add 3d support to esri geojson reader (#5219)
  • be less strict on looking for esri field type tag (#5219)
  • fix sometimes incorrect result (significant digit losts...) when using -lco COORDINATE_PRECISION=0
  • fix handling of huge coordinates when writing (#5377)

GeoRSS driver:

  • advertize OLCCreateField capability

GFT driver:

  • switch http to https for the oauth2 link to improve security

GML driver:

  • add support for multiple geometry columns (RFC 41)
  • add support for reading Finnish National Land Survey Topographic data (MTK GML)
  • add support for support Finnish NLS cadastral data and Inspire cadastral data.
  • add support for Czech RUIAN VFR format
  • add data/gml_registry.xml file to associate feature types with schemas.
  • extend .gfs syntax to be able to fetch OGR fields from XML attributes.
  • extend .gfs syntax to support multiple geometry columns, and define a geometry property name
  • autodiscover all XML attributes as OGR fields when creating .gfs file if GML_ATTRIBUTES_TO_OGR_FIELDS is set to YES (#5418)
  • allow the <ElementPath> in .gfs to have several components that give the full XML path
  • fix writing of .xsd file to avoid fid/gml_id being written as regular fields (#5142)
  • fix writing of global srsName attribue on the global boundedBy.Envelope when all layers have same SRS (#5143)
  • support for writing .gml/.xsd with fields of type StringList, RealList, IntegerList and support for parsing such .xsd files
  • when writing .xsd for a datasource that has fields of type StringList, RealList or IntegerList, advertize SF-1 profile in the .XSD schema
  • recognize xsd:boolean in XSD parsing and map it to String (#5384)
  • add STRIP_PREFIX and WRITE_FEATURE_BOUNDED_BY dataset creation option to help minimizing the size of GML files
  • don't write top <gml:boundedBy> in GML files with multiple layers of different SRS
  • fix segfault when reading a GML file with huge coordinates (#5148)
  • avoid opening our own .xsd files as valid datasources (#5149)
  • make driver thread-safe with Xerces
  • open successfully GML datasources with 0 layers (#249, #5205)
  • fix tweaking of DescribeFeatureType requests
  • support reading WFS 2.0 GetFeature documents with wfs:FeatureCollection as a wfs:member of the top wfs:FeatureCollection
  • fix for crash on certain xlink:href with GML_SKIP_RESOLVE_ELEMS=NONE (#5417)
  • GML geometry: fix duplicated points in GML_FACE_HOLE_NEGATIVE=YES mode (TopoSurface) (#5230)
  • GML geometry: accept CompositeSurface as a child of surfaceMembers (#5369)
  • GML geometry: join multilinestrings to linestrings in rings
  • GML geometry: correctly deal with MultiSurface of Surface of PolygonPatch where a PolygonPatch has only interior ring(s) and no exterior ring (#5421)
  • GML geometry: accept formulations of 'MULTIPOINT EMPTY, MULTILINESTRING EMPTY, MULTIPOLYGON EMPTY and GEOMETRYCOLLECTION EMPTY that are valid GML 3 (and accepted by PostGIS)
  • GML geometry: make use of cs, ts and decimal attributes of (deprecated) gml:coordinates element
  • GML geometry: accept XML header and comments

GPX driver:

  • advertize OLCCreateField capability

ILI driver:

  • add support for multiple geometry columns (RFC 41)
  • use IlisMeta model reader/writer instead of IOM
  • add layers for surface and area geometries

KML driver:

  • output KML that validates the ogckml22.xsd schema by placing <Schema> elements under the <Document> level (#5068)
  • in writing mode, avoid defining an extending schema for the name and description fields (related to #5208)

LIBKML driver:

  • various checks, fixes and improvements related to OGC KML 2.2 Abstract Test Suite
  • add support for reading <gx:Track> as a LINESTRING (#5095)
  • add support for writing and reading <snippet>
  • add support for writing atom:author, atom:link, phonenumber, Region, ScreenOverlay, 3D model, StlyeMap
  • add support for reading and generating Camera object
  • add layer creation options to generate a LookAt element at layer level
  • if UPDATE_TARGETHREF dataset creation option is defined, a NetworkLinkControl/Update document will be created
  • add dataset creation options to generate a NetworkLinkControl element
  • add dataset and layer creation options LISTSTYLE_ICON_HREF and LISTSTYLE_TYPE
  • add support for writing a NetworkLink
  • add support for creating PhotoOverlay objects
  • add support for creating BalloonStyle elements
  • offer LIBKML_USE_SIMPLEFIELD configuration option can be set to NO to use Data element instead of SimpleField
  • add layer creation option FOLDER to optionally write layers as Folder instead of Document
  • add dataset and layer creation options NAME, VISIBILITY, OPEN, SNIPPET and DESCRIPTION
  • workaround bugs in pretty serializers
  • when writing a .kmz file, put layers .kml docs into a layers/ subdirectory
  • fix mem leaks, and use after free in kml2FeatureDef() (#5240)
  • create document with default namespace set to
  • when writing, consider empty strings as unset (usefull when converting from CSV)
  • don't write empty <Style /> element if OGR_STYLE is empty string
  • transform multigeometry with one single component into single geometry
  • create libkml/ subdirectory entry in .kmz

MITAB driver:

  • support reading MIF file with no associated MID file (when MIF file advertizes 'Columns 0') (#5141)

MSSQLSpatial driver:

  • Fix MSSQL to be aware of removed tables (#5071)
  • Eliminate the per table server access when identifying the spatial reference (#5072)
  • Improve detection of geometry column with MSSQL select layer (#4318)
  • Fix for an issue with multicolumn primary keys (#5155)
  • Add support for handling non spatial data tables (#5155)
  • Fix creation of spatial_ref_sys and geometry_columns tables (#5339)


  • robustness for huge coordinates in spatial filter

NAS driver:

  • also accept XML files that have NAS-Operationen_optional.xsd in header
  • make driver thread-safe with Xerces
  • warn when geometry cannot be saved

OCI driver:

  • fix make plugin option

ODBC driver:

OSM driver:

  • support relations with more than 2000 members in a OSM XML file (#5055)
  • make the driver work with PBF files produced by osmconvert.
  • osmconf.ini: report the waterway attribute for the lines layer (#5056)
  • add an option in osmconf.ini to enable creating a 'all_tags' field, combining both fields specificaly identified, and other tags
  • always use quoting of key/values in other_tags field (#5096)
  • use alternative implementation of FindNode() that is a bit more efficient when process is CPU-bound
  • fix issue with attribute filtering
  • avoid GetNextFeature() to be blocked in certain conditions in non-interleaved mode (#5404)

PG driver:

  • upgrade to support RFC 41 in read/write (multiple geometry fields)
  • use ST_Estimated_Extent() on table layers if GetExtent() is called with force = 0 (#5427)
  • add a OGR_TRUNCATE configuration option (#5091)
  • let postgres name the constraints to avoid long name truncation resulting in conflicts (#5125)
  • map PG 'numeric' to OFTReal instead of OFTInteger
  • retrieve SRID from geometry value, if not found in geometry_columns (#5131)
  • fix ResolveSRID() when the current user has no select rights on geometry_columns table (#5131)
  • fix retrieval of SRID on a table without SRID constraint, and when the datasource is opened with ' tables=fake' (#5131)
  • robustness for huge coordinates in spatial filter
  • fix delete layer bug on PG 2.0 (#5349)
  • fix to be able to detect version of EntrepriseDB (#5375)
  • Fix UTF-8 encoded string length

PGDump driver:

  • upgrade to support RFC 41 (multiple geometry fields)
  • fix error when inserting a string that has backslash in it with PostgreSQL >= 9.1 (#5160)

REC driver:

  • fix runtime compatibility for Windows

Shapefile driver:

  • fix buffer overflow when creating a field of type Integer with a big width (#5135)
  • delete temporary .cpg file earlier in REPACK
  • fix leak of file descriptor in error code paths
  • speed optimizations when reading geometries from .shp (#5272)
  • add a 2GB_LIMIT=YES layer creation option (and SHAPE_2GB_LIMIT configuration option)
  • .sbn support: increase allowed max depth from 15 to 24 (#5383)

SOSI driver:

  • fix memory leaks, and crashes
  • advertize OLCCreateField capability

S57 driver:

  • make the driver thread-safe
  • remove use of MAX_CLASSES in favor of dynamic sizing (#5227)
  • fix GetFeature() on DSID layer

SQLite/Spatialite driver:

  • Make SQLite SQL dialect compatible with multiple geometry fields (note: however, multiple geom fields is not yet supported by OGR SQLite table layers)
  • implement SetAttributeFilter() on SQL result layers, to directly inject it as a WHERE clause when possible
  • add the OGR_SQLITE_PRAGMA configuration option
  • Spatialite: correctly set proj4text field of spatial_ref_sys when inserting a new SRS in the spatial_ref_sys table (#5174)
  • Spatialite: fix insertion in spatial_ref_sys to avoid issues with non-numeric authority codes (auth_srid)
  • Spatialite: make creation of database much faster with spatialite 4.1 by using InitSpatialMetaData(1) (#5270)
  • Spatialite: use thread-safe initialization for spatialite >= 4.1.2
  • avoid spatiliate views to emit (hidden) errors that cause troubles to MapServer OGR input driver (#5060)
  • attempt to make VirtualOGR (and thus sqlite dialect) work even with a libsqlite3 compiled with SQLITE_OMIT_LOAD_EXTENSION (on Unix only)
  • add warning when calling CreateField() with a field name that is 'ROWID' since it can cause corrupted spatial index
  • serialize StringList as non-truncated strings
  • detection of DateTime/Date/Time column type on the result of a max() / min() function
  • ensure fields of type DateTime/Date/Time are properly recognized if the table is empty (#5426)

VFK driver:

  • fix memory leak
  • change VFK header check (first line starts with '&H')
  • implement OGR_VFK_DB_DELETE configuration option
  • read all data blocks by default
  • fix GetFeatureCount()
  • don't use existing internal db when it's older then original vfk file

VRT driver:

  • add support for multiple geometry columns in OGRVRTLayer, OGRVRTUnionLayer and OGRVRTWarpedLayer (RFC 41)
  • add validation of OGR VRT document against the schema (if libXML2 available); can be disabled by setting GDAL_XML_VALIDATION configuration option to NO
  • make relativeToVRT=1 work with CSV:filename or GPSBABEL:driver:filename (#5419)

WFS driver:

  • WFS 2.0: be a good citizen and send TYPENAMES (with a S) for GetFeature request (but still TYPENAME for DescribeFeatureType)
  • accept TYPENAME(S) in URL with characters escaped by '%' (#5354)

XLS driver:

  • don't use sheetId attribute from workbook.xml to link a sheet name to its filename. The first sheet is sheet1.xml, etc...

XPlane driver:

  • accept V1000 APT files

SWIG Language Bindings

All bindings:

  • include constraints.i in gdal.i so that NONNULL constraints are really applied
  • add Feature.SetFieldBinaryFromHexString()
  • add SpatialReference.EPSGTreatsAsNorthingEasting (#5385)
  • map OGR_L_GetStyleTable(), OGR_L_SetStyleTable(), OGR_DS_GetStyleTable(), OGR_DS_SetStyleTable()
  • Add OGR_STBL_AddStyle() and map all OGR_STBL_ C methods to SWIG

CSharp bindings:

  • Fix handling UTF8 strings in GDAL C# (#4971)
  • Add C# typemaps for RFC-39 functions (#5264)
  • Fix typo in OGRLayerAlg.cs (#5264)
  • Add missing typemaps for C# (#5265)

Java bindings:

  • run 'make ANDROID=yes' in swig/java to generate SWIG bindings that compile for Android (#5107)
  • fix linking issue that is encountered in non libtool builds with g++ 4.6
  • add multireadtest utility
  • respect JAVA_HOME set via configure

Perl bindings:

Python bindings:

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