GDAL/OGR 1.10.1 Release Notes

The 1.10.1 release is a bug fix release.



  • Fix VSISubFileHandle::Eof() behaviour to be POSIX compliant, so that the shapefile reader can read the last feature when using /vsitar (#5093)
  • vsicache: fix for 32bit binaries when file size is over 2GB (#5170)
  • warper: Fix warping when input pixel size is too close to 0 (#5190)
  • GDALFillNodata(): Fix use of uninitialized memory and integer overflows (#4010, #5203)



  • Fix segfault where metadata values weren't being nullchecked properly during conflict resolution. (#5069)
  • make gdalwarp honor -s_srs when using cutline (#5081)


  • remove annoying warning 'Warning 1: Field location of width 255 truncated to 254' (#5121)

  • Use python tempfile logic to avoid permissions issues with cwd (#5079)


  • make detection of duplicated field names case insensitive (#5208)


Python bindings:

GDAL drivers

BAG driver:

  • Recognise falseNorthing=10000000 as UTM South (#5152)

ECW driver:

  • fix crash in GDALDeregister_ECW() with ECW SDK 5 called from GDALDestroy() (#5214)

ERS driver:

  • Fix wrong interpretation of RegistrationCellX/RegistrationCellY (#2612, #3056, #5075)

HDF5 driver:

  • Set SRS GEOGCS for all CSK products (reverts r25801, #4160)
  • Support HDF5 NATIVE_SCHAR type, subdatsets without PAM (#5088)
  • Release all opened handles so the file is closed at dataset closing (#5103)

GTiff driver:

  • Convert invalid TIFFTAG_RESOLUTIONUNIT=0 to 1(Unknown). This commonly comes about when gdalwarp attempts to resolve metadata conflicts. (#5069)

HFA driver:

  • fix rewriting of statics in existing HFA file where base data value is 8-bit (#5175)

JPEG driver:

  • Add autodetection of bitmasks that are msb ordered. The JPEG_MASK_BIT_ORDER config option can also be set to MSB if the heuristics fails. (#5102)

KMLSuperOverlay driver:

  • fix horrible speed performance in Open() (#5094)
  • fix crash at dataset closing and inability to read some big PNG tiles (#5154)

LCP driver:

  • Update to handle projections better (#3255)

NetCDF driver:

  • fix for netcdf driver cannot read netcdf-4 files with UBYTE data (#5053)
  • fix reading large netcdf-4 files with chunking and DEFLATE compression (#4484)
  • fix netcdf chunking when creating file with > 2 dims ; add CHUNKING creation option (#5082)
  • fix duplicate nodata metadata when using CreateCopy() (#5084)
  • fix copying large metadata in netcdf driver (#5113)
  • fix netcdf geotransform detection (#5114, #5118)
  • fix netcdf driver irregular grids management (#5118 and #4513)

NITF driver:

  • Support reading horizontal and/or vertical mono-block uncompressed images, even when the number of columns is <= 8192 (#3263)

PDF driver:

  • Avoid reporting a Poppler error as a GDAL error on some newer USGS GeoPDF files (#5201)

PDS driver:

  • Parse correctly MISSING_CONSTANT = 16#FF7FFFFB# ; add support for ENCODING_TYPE = ZIP (data file compressed in a ZIP); recognize IMAGE_MAP_PROJECTION as an object included in UNCOMPRESSED_FILE object (#3939)

PostgisRaster driver:

  • Dataset open is now much faster because properties are fetched from raster_columns view, if available. In case of not, the drive warns the user and scans the whole table. (#5046)

VRT driver:

OGR core

  • fix handling of method field mapping to output fields when output fields are precreated (#5089)
  • Initialize bIgnore flag in OGRFieldDefn constructor (#5164)
  • OGR SQL: Fix thread-safety of swq_op_registrar::GetOperator() (#5196)
  • OSR: fix order of AXIS and UNIT nodes in a VERT_CS node (#5105)
  • OSR: Fix OGRSpatialReference::importFromProj4() to work with non-C locale (#5147)
  • OSR: Add sanity checks in OGR_SRSNode::importFromWkt() (#5193)
  • OSR_ESRI: Fix crash in CleanupESRIDatumMappingTable() if it is called twice (#5090)
  • OSR_ESRI: morph central_latitude to latitude_of_origin in morphFromESRI() (#3191)

OGR drivers

CSV driver:

  • Avoid erroneously reset of file content when opening in update mode a file without header (#5161)


  • fix writing of 25D linestring where z is not constant (#5210, #5217)

FileGDB driver:

  • implement ref counting of the FileGDB SDK API' Geodatabase* object to avoid issues on Linux 64bit with interleaved opening and closing of databases (#4270)

GeoRaster driver:

GML driver:

  • Fix writing of .xsd file to avoid fid/gml_id being written as regular fields (#5142)
  • Fix writing of global srsName attribue on the global boundedBy.Envelope when all layers have same SRS (#5143)
  • Fix segfault when reading a GML file with huge coordinates (#5148)
  • Avoid opening our own .xsd files as valid datasources (#5149)

KML driver:

  • Output KML that validates the ogckml22.xsd schema by placing <Schema> elements under the <Document> level (#5068)
  • In writing mode, avoid defining an extending schema for the name and description fields (related to #5208)

MSSQLSpatial driver:

  • Fix MSSQL to be aware of removed tables (#5071)
  • Eliminate the per table server access when identifying the spatial reference (#5072)

OSM driver:

  • Always use quoting of key/values in other_tags field so as to produce a valid value for PostgreSQL hstore column (#5096)

PG driver:

  • let PostgreSQL name the constraints to avoid long name truncation resulting in conflicts (#5125)

OCI driver:

  • fix make plugin option (Unix build)

PGDUMP driver:

  • fix error when inserting a string that has backslash in it with PostgreSQL >= 9.1 (#5160)

Shapefile driver:

  • Fix buffer overflow when creating a field of type Integer with a big width (#5135)

SQLite driver:

  • Spatialite: correctly set proj4text field of spatial_ref_sys when inserting a new SRS in the spatial_ref_sys table (#5174)
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