GDAL 2007 Q1 Status Update

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1.4.0 and 1.4.1 Releases

The year 2007 started with the GDAL/OGR 1.4.0 release. This release included new raster drivers for WCS (Web Coverage Server protocol), PDS and ISIS (mars). It included new vector drivers for Informix, KML and E00 formats and many feature improvements to the existing drivers.

By the time you read this, the 1.4.1 release should be in general availability, and it includes on the order of 40 bug fixes. The 1.4.1 release is the first GDAL stable release. That is, it is the first time the GDAL project has split off a stable branch and focused only on bug fixes in that stable release branch, while new development goes on seperately. This should make it possible to produce bug fix releases on short notice without the risk of introducing new bugs due to new development.


The last few months have also seen changes in several aspects of GDAL/OGR infrastructure.

  • Migration from the CVS to the Subversion source control system, with hosting now at OSGeo.
  • Migration from the Bugzilla to the Trac bug tracking system, with hosting now at OSGeo.
  • Introduction of wiki facilities for the project via Trac.
  • Migration of the web site, and download facilities to OSGeo / Telascience servers, from my person server.
  • Use of central LDAP authentication for Subversion and Trac shared with other OSGeo projects.

I would especially like to thank Howard Butler who was intrumental in making the Subversion and Trac migration painless while preserving the nearly decade of history in the old systems.


The last few months have also seen the launch of the GDAL/OGR Sponsorship program operating through OSGeo. Our first sponsors are Analytical Graphics, Applied Coherent Technology, SRC, Safe Software, Cadcorp, Waypoint and MicroImages.

With the generous financial support of our sponsors the project has been able to contract Mateusz Loskot to perform general maintenance and support tasks for the GDAL/OGR project from March to August. With the help of Mateusz and other members of the GDAL/OGR development team, the 1.4.1 release has seen a record number of old bug reports cleaned up. Contrating Mateusz has put the project in a stronger position to get needed tasks done regardless of whether it is a current itch for any of the developers.

Many thanks to Mateusz and our sponsors! I believe this will be a model for sustaining needed work on many OSGeo projects. For information on our sponsors, and the GDAL/OGR sponsorship program, visit:

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