FWTools is no longer maintained. See binary distributions for all operating systems. OSGeo4W is the recommended distribution for Microsoft Windows.


This Wiki page is dedicated to FWTools package - - a binary distribution of GDAL libraries, utilities, and many more for Linux and Windows systems.

List of utilities

One can find general overview in the ReadMe.txt file in the download package and collect more details from following resources:

  1. OGR utilities -
  2. GDAL utilities -
  3. MapServer CGI program is called mapserv.exe
  4. TIFF tools (fax2tiff, gif2tiff, etc.), see at the bottom of
  5. PROJ.4 tools

List of libraries



SDE Support

For SDE support (raster and vector) in FWTools for Win32 1.3.9 and later it is necessary to manually install an appropriate plugin manually. The plugin should be placed in the gdal_plugins directory (eg. C:\Program Files\FWTools1.3.9\gdal_plugins) which may need to be created manually. Here's are new ones linked against FWTools1.3.9. (You'll need to manually rename it to be gdal_SDE.dll, depending on the version of ArcSDE you're using)

Using FWTools

  • FWTools on USB - ever wanted your gdal toolkit ever-present, without having to install it? Here's how to get part of your "GIS on a Stick"
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