1. FAQ - General
    1. What does GDAL stand for?
    2. What is this OGR stuff?
    3. What does OGR stand for?
    4. What does CPL stand for?
    5. When was the GDAL project started?
    6. Is GDAL/OGR proprietary software?
    7. What license does GDAL/OGR use?
    8. What operating systems does GDAL-OGR run on?
    9. Is there a graphical user interface to GDAL/OGR?
    10. What compiler can I use to build GDAL/OGR?
    11. I have a question that's not answered here. Where can I get more …
    12. When is the next release planned?
    13. How do I add support for a new format?
    14. How do I cite GDAL ?
  2. FAQ - Installation and Building
    1. Where can I find development version of GDAL?
    2. Can I get a MS Visual Studio Project file for GDAL?
    3. Can I build GDAL with MS Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition?
    4. Can I build GDAL with MS Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition?
    5. Can I build GDAL with Cygwin or MinGW?
    6. Can I build GDAL with Borland C or other C compilers?
    7. Why Visual C++ 8.0 fails with C2894 error in wspiapi.h when building …
    8. How can i add particular LDFLAGS with GDAL < 1.5
    9. I am having problem building with external libraries, where can I look?
    10. What is GDAL_DATA environment variable?
    11. How to set GDAL_DATA variable?
  3. FAQ - Raster
    1. How to make GeoTIFF from non-geospatial raster?
    2. Why won't gdalwarp or gdal_merge write to most formats?
    3. How to improve gdalwarp performance?
    4. How to convert a raster to a layer of polygons?
    5. How can I create a blank raster based on a vector files extents for …
    6. Can I use gdal_rasterize to generate non-solid polygons?
    7. How do I use gdal_translate to extract or clip a sub-section of a raster?
    8. How to create or modify an image color table ?
    9. How to generate cloud optimized GeoTIFF files
  4. FAQ - Vector
    1. How can I delete feature from Shapefile?
    2. How can I delete Shapefile?
    3. How can I merge hundreds of Shapefiles?
    4. How do I translate a mixed geometry file to shapefile format?
    5. How to quote command parameters for GDAL/OGR utilities in Microsoft …
    6. How do I flip coordinates when they are not in the expected order
  5. FAQ - Coordinate Systems and Projections
    1. What are Well Known Text projections, and how do I use them?
    2. What Axis Order is used in GDAL/OGR?
    3. Can I reproject rasters with GDAL?
    4. Why doesn't GDAL automatically choose the datum transformation?
    5. Does GDAL/OGR use the PROJ.4 EPSG init file (/usr/share/proj/epsg) ?
  6. FAQ - Miscellaneous
    1. Is the GDAL library thread-safe?
    2. Does GDAL work in different international numeric locales?
    3. How do I debug GDAL?
    4. How should I deallocate resources acquainted from GDAL on Windows?
    5. C API vs C++ API
    6. How do I suppress warning encountered in Python API?
    7. What are configuration options, and what ones exist?
    8. What XML parsers are available or used in GDAL/OGR?

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