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memory leaks from using importFromESRI

Reported by: ben@… Owned by: warmerdam
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When i call:  OGRSpatialReference::importFromESRI()
it calls:  InitDatumMappingTable()

which allocates a bunch of stuff, including a big array like this:
    papszDatumMapping = (char

This memory never seems to get freed.  I looked for, but didn't find, a
function like FreeDatumMappingTable().

Frank says: There does not seem to be a way around this.  If you file a bug on
it, I will try to rectify this by the 1.2.3 release.

It's not that this one-time leak is important by itself, but by introducing a
batch of leaks, it makes it harder for me to the _other_ leaks in my GDAL-using app.

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comment:1 by warmerdam, 18 years ago


I have added a new OSRCleanup() function responsible for cleaning up
OGRSpatialReference related memory or anything the coordinate system
API.  Currently just the datum table, and ensure that CSV datasets are

The GDALDeriverManager destrutctor will call this or you can call it 

This will be in the next release (either or 1.2.3). 

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