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VICAR file format addition — at Version 1

Reported by: swalter75 Owned by: warmerdam
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Severity: normal Keywords: vicar hrsc

Description (last modified by swalter75)

VICAR is a file format similar to the PDS format. It is used by the VICAR software for many space missions.

Vicar is not openly available, although there were efforts to make it Open Source by JPL in the last years.

The driver is tested for HRSC images, sample image here:

It should work also for other missions, but probably meta-data handling has to be adapted. If you want a mission-specific file to be added, feel free to contact me,…

I wasn't able to commit via svn, so this is the diff to existing files:

Index: frmts/gdalallregister.cpp
--- frmts/gdalallregister.cpp	(revision 28072)
+++ frmts/gdalallregister.cpp	(working copy)
@@ -231,6 +231,7 @@
+    GDALRegister_VICAR();
 #ifdef FRMT_til
Index: frmts/pds/GNUmakefile
--- frmts/pds/GNUmakefile	(revision 28072)
+++ frmts/pds/GNUmakefile	(working copy)
@@ -1,13 +1,13 @@
 include ../../GDALmake.opt
-OBJ	=	pdsdataset.o isis2dataset.o isis3dataset.o nasakeywordhandler.o
+OBJ	=	pdsdataset.o isis2dataset.o isis3dataset.o vicardataset.o nasakeywordhandler.o vicarkeywordhandler.o
-CPPFLAGS	:=	-I../raw  $(CPPFLAGS)
 default:	$(OBJ:.o=.$(OBJ_EXT))
-$(O_OBJ):       nasakeywordhandler.h ../raw/rawdataset.h
+$(O_OBJ):       nasakeywordhandler.h vicarkeywordhandler.h ../raw/rawdataset.h
 	rm -f *.o $(O_OBJ)
Index: gcore/gdal_frmts.h
--- gcore/gdal_frmts.h	(revision 28072)
+++ gcore/gdal_frmts.h	(working copy)
@@ -120,6 +120,7 @@
 void CPL_DLL GDALRegister_ISIS3(void);
 void CPL_DLL GDALRegister_ISIS2(void);
 void CPL_DLL GDALRegister_PDS(void);
+void CPL_DLL GDALRegister_VICAR(void);
 void CPL_DLL GDALRegister_IDRISI(void);
 void CPL_DLL GDALRegister_Terragen(void);
 void CPL_DLL GDALRegister_WCS(void);

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