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GeoTIFF TIFFTAG_GDAL_NODATA unavailable as a creation option for gdal_grid in 1.11.0 — at Initial Version

Reported by: drf5n Owned by: warmerdam
Priority: normal Milestone: 2.0.0
Component: default Version: 1.11.0
Severity: normal Keywords:


Per there should be a TIFFTAG_GDAL_NODATA available in the GDALGeotiff profile of the GTIFF driver.

Something like :

gdal_grid -of GTIFF -co PROFILE=GDALGeoTIFF \

-co TIFFTAG_GDAL_NODATA=-9999 -nodata -9999 \ -a invdist:power=2.0:smoothing=1.0:radius1=100:radius2=100:nodata=-9999 \ -txe 85000 89000 -tye 894000 890000 -outsize 400 400 -of GTiff -ot Float64 -l dem dem.vrt dem.tiff

...seems like it should make a geotiff with identified nodata.

I'm using a Mac with Kyngsbourne's distribution of "GDAL 1.11.0, released 2014/04/16"

I can workaround this with:

gdal_translate -a_nodata -9999 dem.tiff dem_nd.tiff

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