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gdalinfo segfaults with OpenJPEG 2.0.1/2.1.0

Reported by: reffettc Owned by: warmerdam
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Component: default Version: 1.11.0
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When reading in an ECRG image (such as the one attached) with gdalinfo when gdal-1.11.0 is built against OpenJPEG 2.0.1/2.1.0, it segfaults; the issue appears to be in file cpl_vsil.cpp, function VSIFTellL, crashes on "return poFileHandle->Tell();". There could be other compatibility issues with the new OpenJPEG releases (particularly 2.1.0, since it explicitly breaks the API). Changelogs and release notes for both versions can be found at

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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by reffettc

Sorry, my work firewall is preventing me from uploading the file, but you can use the ECRG image I attached to a previous report ( if you need a test file.

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by Even Rouault

With 2.0.1 as well ? Woo, that's quite unexpected that a bugfix version would cause such breakage.

comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by reffettc

Yeah, I was expecting 2.0.1 to work too, but it segfaults in the same place. Strange.

comment:4 Changed 7 years ago by reffettc

Actually, disregard, my fault. I had a couple of the 2.1.0 libraries in /usr/local, so it linked to those instead of 2.0.1. Cleaned it out, rebuilt against 2.0.1, and it does not segfault.

comment:5 Changed 7 years ago by Even Rouault

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Duplicate of #5579

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