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Many source files unavailable in trunk yet listed in makegdal80.vcproj

Reported by: andim2 Owned by: warmerdam
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Severity: normal Keywords: makegdal80.vcproj project files missing entries


While carrying out some unrelated tests with my vcproj2cmake tool, I found:

$ ~/oss/git/vcproj2cmake/scripts/vcproj2cmake.rb makegdal80.vcproj

ERROR: File frmts/terralib/ as listed in project makegdal does not exist!? (perhaps filename with wrong case, or wrong path, ...)

ERROR: Improper original file - will abort and NOT write a broken CMakeLists.txt. Please fix .vcproj content!. Aborting!

Cursory research indicates that this file is not listed as a "generated file", thus it's an incorrect entry.

The same issue seems to apply to at least makegdal10.vcxproj, too.

Dito for the following files:

frmts/wktraster/ (source dir does not exist)





frmts/ecw/jp2userbox.h (source dir and .cpp _do_ exist but no .h - yet?)

frmts/ecw/vsiiostream.h (file does not exist)

frmts/jpeg/libjpeg12/jchuff.h (file does not exist)

frmts/jpeg/libjpeg12/* (many files listed but almost all removed)

frmts/pcidsk/sdk/segment/pcidskgeorefbuilder.h (file does not exist)








port/cpl_config.h (this file probably gets copied / generated from one of the files, but it does NOT seem to carry any "generated file" attribute in the Visual Studio project)




ogr/swq.c (there is no swq.cpp file project entry, yet an swq.cpp does exist!)


Andreas Mohr

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comment:1 by Even Rouault, 11 years ago

r23697 /branches/1.9/gdal/ (6 files): makegdalXX.vcproj : update 71,80 and 90 version. Drop 10 version --> open the 90 version and VS2010 should convert it (#4415)

Leaving it open : we might decide to completely remove those generated files in GDAL > 1.9

comment:2 by ilucena, 9 years ago

There is no reason to keep those .vcproj files on SVN since they can be recreated at any time using "makegdal_gen.bat"

C:\Folder Name> makegdal_gen.bat
Usage: makegdal_gen "MS Visual C++ version" > makegdalNN.vcproj
   makegdal_gen 7.10 32 > makegdal71.vcproj
   makegdal_gen 8.00 64 > makegdal80.vcproj
   makegdal_gen 9.00 64 > makegdal90.vcproj

That is the case for

makegdal71.* makegdal80.* makegdal90.*

But makegdal10.* is handmade and someone might want to keep it.

I am updating the "makegdal_gen.bat" shortly to work with Win64 but you can just replace all the "Win32" by "x64" in the .vcproj file, if you need it to work in Win64.

comment:3 by Jukka Rahkonen, 8 years ago

Sorry but I do not understand if this ticket must be kept open or not.

comment:4 by ilucena, 8 years ago

Resolution: invalid
Status: newclosed

No. We don't carry those files on SVN anymore since they are not compatible with newest releases of MSVC.

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