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Fix the y-axis issue for projected CRS when translating from geotiff to netCDF (and vice versa from netCDF to geotiff) — at Initial Version

Reported by: hsumanto Owned by: warmerdam
Priority: normal Milestone:
Component: default Version: unspecified
Severity: normal Keywords: netcdf
Cc: pds, etourigny


This is a spin off ticket: #2893

Currently the driver (GDAL) expects top-down for projected crs but netCDF is bottom-up approach.

etienne has produced patch-geo2.txt in ticket #2129 which allow us to flip the y-axis, by applying the following around line 369 (in the part that deals with projected crs).

 /* netcdf standard is bottom-up, but leave it top first for now */
-       bBottomUp = FALSE;
+       bBottomUp = TRUE;

However, the resulting file will be upside-down in gdal and related software.

Thus, the total solution is required for projected crs so that the resulting file in geotiff -> netcdf conversion (and vice versa netcdf -> geotiff) will have the correct orientation for y-axis when viewed in both gdal and netcdf software.

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